sephora birthday gift 2023 Ilia makeup birthdaygift set review

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IMG_2475So this year , Sephora had quite a bit to choose from for their birthday gifts. There was a hair set by OUAI, the watermelon glow skincare set by Glow Recipe , and finally the ILIA makeup set . I was tempted to get the skincare set but decided on ILIA as I wanted to try the mascara .

IMG_2477So this is a clean beauty product , that doesn’t have a lot of preservatives. I”ve been hearing online mixed reviews about clean beauty products . One of the main concerns with these cosmetics is with these going bad faster than makeup with preservatives and also the upcharge in price. So I’ll be trying to keep an eye on the shelf life of both the mascara and the multi-stick.

IMG_2480Here’s both products , pretty simple packaging and the multistick is the shade At Last. It’s a mauve rose color that’s a bit sheer.

IMG_2481It’s actually really sheer , and can be built up but once you blend it out it’s a barely there shade. this would probably be good for those who just want a wash of color.

IMG_2483And here’s the mascara. It’s wand is short and spikey and it’s from their Limitless Lash Mascara line. It does have an interesting scent, and I really don’t know how to describe it. For those who are sensitive scent’s this might be something to take in account when picking this gift up.  The multistick is also scented which may be the orange peel in it. It kind of reminded me of the Milk cheek+lip multistick but not as pigmented.

And for my look yesterday I used the mascara.

IMG_2527I had to spread my lower lashes to get rid of the spidery look. This mascara kind of clumps , so using another wand is ideal. The tops are still kind of stuck together though.

IMG_2531I didn’t really like it to be honest when compared to Milk Kush mascara I would choose the Milk brand . This one does make your lashes look longer but the cost of clumpling the lashes together . I know some people do like that look but I prefer volumizing mascaras . And for the final review of the mascara itself I didn’t seperate them and decided to just apply it and leave it as is.

IMG_2537You can actually see a clump of product on my lash strands, and while it makes my lashes look bolder, I wish it wasn’t so clumpy, plus the weird smell of the mascara itself is strange.

IMG_2533I guess it looks about the same as the pictures on top , but still not my favorite.

IMG_2579It did make them look longer though.

 Now on to the multistick. I used it as both a blush and a lipstick.

IMG_2542It’s not a bad color as lipstick, still quite sheer and needs to be built up, this might be a good thing for some people though who want lighter makeup. I would looks more like a muted pink than the mauve rose on the tube. But it could also be my natural lip color and skin tone making it look a bit different.

It’s okay as a lipstick, not the most coverage , but I would still use it when I need a more subdued shade.

As a blush though, you really have to apply alot on your cheeks to get it to show up. I pretty much kept swiping , then used a brush to blend out , and later a beauty blender to make look more natural.

IMG_2595It’s pretty sheer.

IMG_2563There it is on the side . It’s not bad , again this is definitely for people who want just a wash of color. IMG_2581Overall it’s not really my thing although I will definitely get use of the multistick , the mascara is just not my favorite formula . I was kinf of hoping the multistick would be a bit similar to Bite Beauty, but it’s not really as good as their old products either.  So let me know what you think and if you have tried the other Sephora Birthday gifts this year?

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