Wet n wild perfect pout in first place winner review

C716CDB0-AAFF-4692-A3CB-EA5224137BC3Hey everyone ! I found this awesome gold lipstick , and it was by Wet n Wild? Like this extreme gold shimmer looks unbelievable . I’m not usually like that with makeup , but it was surprising , plus I don’t actually have a gold lipstick in my collection. I was considering the gold gloss from Almay , but this just looked a lot cooler.

10BA4E7B-8EEB-4DE7-B2C8-FFDC3D6F8172 And here’s a picture of the same tube but without the flash.

69168756-72F4-436C-8A29-C8C9C30A718BIt looks like the actual metal to be honest.

And here’s the swatches:

1402CA45-9E31-4D4E-A4AE-89CCE5E2C292So this one I think was taken with flash.

And this one was taken in direct light with no flash:

AD8714FF-E4C5-417A-95CD-D1D1C37CA166It’s got an almost holographic look to it.

The texture is very smooth and glides right on my lips. It’s not dry but not greasy feeling either. There not really a scent either.

6A3B86CF-9B4E-43A5-B844-44A962B258D0And it’s pretty godly on the lips! It’s definitely gold ! I was wondering what type of eye look to do so it wouldn’t take away from the gold goodness of the lipstick. so I had an idea to do bee colors on my eyes. I used all mattes from the Beauty Bay Retro Love palette . I’m still working on the full review , so that’s coming soon.

94A96398-1564-44B5-88C3-E02B5A099E43eyes closed to show off the bee colors!

And here’s one more :


Overall I really liked the unique gold metallic look, it does need to be reapplied during the day but it’s a small price to pay for such a cool lipstick. I think this would look pretty good on deeper tones as well, and probably great for cosplay or dance looks. If you can find it online or in store I reccomend picking it up as it’s a very unique color . Let me know what you think, have your tried other gold lipsticks or glosses?

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