haus laboratories glam attack liquid eyeshadow in dynasty review

IMG_2360Hey everyone ! I wanted to finally try out Haus Laboratories . I’ve heard about this brand from friends anda  few other bloggers and the liquid shadows intrigued me .I have one other shadow as well that I have yet to try on my eyes. That’ll have to be for another review. Today’s color is Dynasty , which is super nice darker green shade.

IMG_2377It was hard to photograph in the tube, but you can kind of see the green shimmer at the bottom.Also the tube is actually really cool , the top part reminds me of a crystal. 

IMG_2381And here’s the doe foot brush, you can see all the nice green shimmer,it’s like a nice jewel tone .

IMG_2384And here’s the swatch, I really like the emerald shine.

IMG_2416Now the first time I wore this on the eyes, I used some other green shades to add depth, and a bit more shimmer too. But for the purpose of the interview , I wanted to try it by itself. It was a bit patchy on it’s own , and from further away , the flaws are less noticable. Still I really like this green. 

IMG_2425It was a bit harder to use my liner over it , but I like how nice it looks on this eye. It’s less patchy. Maybe I mixed it up better . I like how it reflects the light, going from sort of a yellow green to a more blue toned green.

IMG_2461What’s nice is depending on where the light hits , you shadow can look darker or lighter. I do prefer wearing this with some of my toher shadows though, I think it brings more depth, and you can hide some of the patchiness better. 



Overall I really like the shade , I do think it’s a bit patchy but not so bad that it’s unwearable . It’s very light on the eyes , turns more into a powder when it dries and is pretty easy to take off if you use coconut oil. I did try to blend one side of my eye out and it just kind of turned to glitter , I wonder I need to blend before it’s dry. Maybe I’ll try that out with the gold one that I have.  Well let me know what you think and if you have tried any other Haus Labs products .


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6 thoughts on “haus laboratories glam attack liquid eyeshadow in dynasty review

    1. thanks so much! I I’ll have to try another look with my Juvia’s place rebels and one of my chocolate shades . That’s how I used it the first time . sadly I din’t take pictures that day.


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