Eos candy cane swirl lip balm review

39975DDF-54F9-4F6D-B8F9-505CBFE5EEDEHey everyone ! I saw this online and read the description, it’s got white mocha ! I was super excited , so I ordered it. I didn’t see these in store’s last Christmas , so they most have sold out . Sadly no rerun of the chocolate mint balm.  But hopefully this one will be just as good.

A53721F8-12AD-4264-B003-61AF028AC40AThe main notes are candy canes (peppermint ) and a hint of white chocolate. Which to bew quite honest I was hoping it would be closer to the peppermint white mocha at starbucks.  It’s a bit more like a vanilla mint in my opinion. The white mocha scent is very faint . But it still smells really nice . The texture is a bit more waxy , but still keeps my lips hydrated and soft. It does seem to stay on my lips most if the day. It’s pretty intersting that it’s more wxy as the last EOS balms that I bought were more slippery. 

CA1F83C4-B03D-4D8A-AEFB-F548D444B808Plus the balm itself is a bit pearly on the bottom.  Overall I like it but I wanted more white mocha , as I think that would be an amazing flavor for a balm. So it does kind of come up short in that department. My fiance also says it reminds him of the old vanilla mint toothpaste. It was super limited a long time ago and I vaguely remember it. I was more of a fan of the chocolate mint toothpaste. Not sure which company made that though. Well let me know what you think. Have a great week everyone !


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2 thoughts on “Eos candy cane swirl lip balm review

  1. It almost looks like a pokemon ball haha. It’s a shame they didn’t go further with the white mocha part. I’m with you on preferring chocolate with mint rather than vanilla mint flavored things.

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    1. Oh it totally does look like a pokeball lol I think it was the Japanese store Sugoi Mart had a pokeball lipbalm with Ponyta on it . I wish i had ordered it lol . And yes it’s so hard to find good chocolate scented lipbalms .

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