Banana Boat protection + Vitamins Sunscreen Lotion review

*This post contains products that were sent to me for free from Influesnter and Banana Boat in exchange for my honest review.

571B2F11-F875-4356-AB12-4E0C043E0E88So I’ve been spacing these out as sunscreen reviews are kind of boring . But since I tried all three products I might as well review them for summer. You can check out the face lotion review here.

5FA05847-3946-419A-8775-218FA5D91930This is lightly scented , kind of like citrus, and its really refreshing. It’s also kind of a buttery type sunscreen lotion too. with quite a bit SPF.

D767B50E-1C71-4859-858D-D76B7746E014I thought I would add the ingredients too. While I understand using sunscreen is beneficial , this one didn’t work too well for me . Or at least not as say an every day product to use . I was hoping I could apply this on my legs and arms for when I go walking or driving in the car, but it’s really oily and doesn’t really soak into my skin. This is a bit annoying for getting dressed and sitting in the car.  So I would say only use this product when you’re at the beach or pool. I’ll have to look for another sunsceen for just going outside . I did like the scent though . So let me know what you think and if you have an reccomendations for a less oily or messy sunscreen.

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