Wet n wild perfect pout in pink-holics review


So after trying out the awesome gold shade Wet n wild perfect pout in first place winner review , I decided to try out this pink rose shade . Well it’s almost red in tone , but I still really like it .
You know what it’s more of a dark fuchsia and really reminds me of the now discontinued Fenty Candy Venom lipstick from the Mattemoiselle line . I always kind of wanted to try it but it would sell out often .


With the flash this lipstick is super bright !



And here’s the swatch ! It’s super bright and has nice consistency. It wasn’t too patchy applying but it did seem to feel a bit dry on the lips . Especially compared the gold lipstick from the same line . While I like the color , I do feel it was drying . I’m not sure if it’s due to any formula changes due to age , as I ordered this off Amazon , or if it’s just a drier lipstick .

IMG_2217Here’s how it looks with no flash . It’s a bit more red toned here, and you can see some lip lines too . So it’s a bit clingy.

And here’s how it looks with flash !


I actually like it better with the flash ! It’s just so vibrant almost like a neon shade .

IMG_2244I decided to pair it with a Smokey eye look with shades from the Retro Love palette . It’s a bit of a Valentine’s Day look but kind of late . Why didn’t I wear this ? Lol . Even though it’s a drier lip formula , I really like it ! I may even put a gloss over it o shine it up a bit in the future . 
IMG_2264Especially since Candy Venom is gone . Why Fenty ? Why did you do away with all the nice mattemoiselle colors ? 
Overall the color makes this a win for me , and I can mitigate the dryness with gloss . I do think I’ll be wearing this out more as it’s a really neat shade !  Let me know what you think and what are some discontinued products you wish would return ? 

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