Revlon ColorSilk Digitones in Pastel Pink review

*This product was sent out to me for free from Influenster and Revlon in exchange for my honest review.

D02283C8-42DD-4469-A097-C12BD9B5E148So here’s part two of my Revlon Voxbox. this was sent to me in December , but I just didn’t use these as my hair was already bleached and colored. So a friend helped me out , and she bleached her hair ,which you can read more about that in my last post. She did have to go out and grab another box of bleach and one of this dye , as her hair is very thick and was darker on the top.

928309FD-6408-47DF-B9B4-BCFDD466CBB9On the box the pink is a nice cherry blossom pastel shade which is really pretty.


8F386A40-3299-49CB-8FC6-CC6BC97E3F30my apologies I thought I took a picture of the ingredients side but it’s only the side thats shows you what the color is supposed to look like.For this dye you need your hair pretty light. Also while this is ammonia free it does use an alkaline substance to open up the cuticle. So still not the best if your hair is super lightened like mine is . But okay if you don’t bleach like a lot, but still be mindful when dying your hair with box dyes .  I do believe this dye does lighten your hair a little as her hair was a more yellow blonde after bleaching.

Here’s what she started with , bleached ends and natural top and mid lenth.


After bleaching:


And finally after using the pink dye:

8A289621-C961-4395-A093-5276006FEC63The pink did cancle out some of the warmth of the blonde and the top reminds me of the Lime Crime color Sext, which is a dusty rose. Her ends are more like the box but with some peach tones. Overall it looks nice. I do think if you wanted a solid pink like the actual box you may have to go about it differently , possibly with more cool platinum and possibly some  Iroiro pastel bubblegum pink hair dye, .

My friend was really happy with her hair and I’m very thankful that she helped me out with this review. let me know what you think and if you’ve used this dye before . I still think I prefer veggie dyes as they are just a direct dye that can be left in your hair for longer (while conditioning your hair ) where as these permenent dyes you really need to be more careful with and watch the clock . Well have a great week everyone !


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