My Naraka Bloodpoint matari inspired makeup

Hey everyone ! So I finally decided to do some makeup after getting over Covid . And today’s makeup is inspired by the battle royale game Naraka Bloodpoint . Specifically the character customization for the character Matari . There’s actuallu alot of character customization options , change your face , cheekbones, nose and makeup along with hair colors. Plus I think if you pay for the full game you get some other fancy things like cat or fox ears. I played around a bit and glammed up my Matari.


0F00E857-65C0-4163-A68C-95930B27A4E0BB245B10-EA2E-46C0-9AB6-B706B30E89C0C4EFF2F8-BF1E-462F-8B4F-50988F4E5B8F And now let’s check out the products list:

  • E.L.F Jelly Pop primer
  • Revlon color stay concealer 
  • Too Faced Born This Way foundation in vanilla . For this look I did my foundation first before my eyes .
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Magic Touch Concealer underneath eyes to prep for the lilac shadow.
  • Nyx Jumbo liner in Milk for the base of my eyes
  • Nyx glitter glue for the shimmer to stick to
  • Sugarpill Melody pink blush 
  • Juvia’s Place Wahala palette , with the matte lilac shade Woke , mixed with the darker lilac shade from the Royal Nubian palette. 
  • Huda Mercury Retrograde palette , shades used were , Utopia and Momentum mixed on the brow bone, dark purple shade ( Vortex) in my V , and Cosmic ( pink shimmer ) on the lids.
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl in the waterline
  • iMethod eyeliner stamp for the wings and some of the designs on the face
  • Milk Makeup kush mascara 
  • Fenty Poutsicles shades in Purpsicle and Alpha Doll on lips
  • Milk makeup heart stamp for the bigger hearts
  • Colourpop qt mark star stamp
  • And finally Urban Decay setting spray , I got this for free from Urban Decay and influenster , so I want use it a few more times before I write a full review.

And now the look !

7C8BF6E7-07D3-4A8E-A4DB-4E9D14AFE9AB I added some random shapes since there seems to be smaller spots of shapes on Matari’s eyes, not just the larger sized hearts and stars.

9586B2D5-EF3B-4287-AC8B-E84382457794 Also my concealer today was super drying my under eyes ? What’s up with that Anastasia ? I’m not sure if it’s because it’s getting older or the fact that my skin has been a bit more dry from being sick.

C2001FFB-558B-457D-B548-74DDCBC2FE34 I opted out of doing the forehead design , as I’m going out later tonight and I think it might be a bit much.

4850345E-D7C3-402B-ADAB-4035B1727837Also still got to do a review of my hair colors . The pink really hasn’t faded too much but the purple has . Its also changed colors a few times, some parts are definitely lavender in tone, lilac in some parts , and straight up blue near my roots ? I’m not sure what’s going on with that.

4B5A36B0-1571-4E52-9172-97E7562AA931Well that’s all for now ! I do have to catch up with some of my posts and , especially before the holidays really get started . Thanksgiving was a bit lame , since I had covid along with my fiance. He had helped a family member and possibly got it through them . And so we were both out for a week and a half . But his brother dropped off some food , ( no contact , just dropped off the food lol ) and we did have some Thanksgiving dinner. Just we were sick lol so it tasted a little off.  Well let me know what you think , have you played Naraka Blood Point ? And also stay healthy and safe , flu and covid are floating around . So take care . 


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