Eos lets toast to the holidays lip balm 4 pack review

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35303882-7F61-4173-BEE0-17342F3E2EA4Well I finally found the holiday EOS set for this year. And it’s fruity and inspired by mixed drinks . There’s even a new flavor , Pink champagne. But does it even really smell or taste like champagne ? Hmm maybe a bit more like pink lemonade or some type of gummy candy. 

6CCAAA37-EF4A-4D28-9B80-FFA29E1C8413Here’s the back to explain all the flavors. I have already tried and reviewed Watermelon Frosé  and Mango Melonade . Both are really nice scents and flavors . But I have yet to try Lychee Martini or Pink Champagne.  I was hoping for more of a cranberry zest with the Pink Champagne , but I do feel like it’s more citrusy , so maybe I’m actually detecting the champagne notes more . The Lychee Martini has a very candy like scent , sort of like cotton candy but with more fruity notes . Kind of reminds me of the Welch’s Passionfruit gummy fruit snacks .The Mango Melonade is still my favorite of the set as it smells like a combo of the cantalope Hichew candies with some mango . And the watermelon is still very refreshing. I like fruit drink theme this year , as last years themes were more dessert based. 

3ABA33C7-A2F8-4868-9F4F-CAB793560811I took out the pink champage, as it’s my main balm atm. But the formula is still the same , these are very moisturizing and keep lips soft and smooth. Overall it’s a nice little holiday pack that you can use yourself or share . My fiance is already eyeing the watermelon frose’. I think that was his favorite. What do you guys think ? Do you have a favorite balm flavor ?

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