L.A. Colors Lipgloss Lust 16 piece set

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IMG_6499 (2)Hey everyone ! I know this is like a past holiday set , and I probably should’ve review it the year I got it. But it took me forever to try all these colors and finishes . I have since thrown the box away but at least I took these pictures before. And yeah this is going to be a super picture heavy post.

IMG_6500 (2)So sadly they don’t really lable the shades or really give any info on them aside from the ingredients. I was pleasently surprised with some of the colors. They’re quite pigmented and have pretty decent wear time . 

IMG_6501 (2)And I could not get a decent picture that didn’t reflect. But here’s all the colors on my desk.

5A429070-2773-4430-8B22-0DF877765B20There’s kind of nice assortment of everyday colors. My favorites being the coral, peach, pinks and one of the plums. Also a few of these were dupes for Fenty Cupcakin’ and Too Faced  Melted Chihuahua .

So I did some swatches, they weren’t the best in my opinion, as some were kind of sheer . They honestly look better on the lips .

4BC89FB4-778F-4C36-8E2C-F19460BE5F65The shimmers were definitely more sheer, the coral pink is actually really nice though, it has really bright shimmer. I’ll show you what that looks on the lips later.

479F423F-C8BD-4E5B-A898-401A392B5C12The solid glosses swatched alot better , I was surprised with how pigmented the plum, cherry and coral were. The Coral and peach being my favorite shades that  I quite a bit. A bit about the formula , it’s got a gel like consistency, and depending on the color can either be full coverage or a bit sheer, plus some shades appear patchy but once they set on the lips they kind of balance out. It’s a pretty interesting formula. And the brighter or darker shades do leave a slight stain. Some of the shimmer glosses had to be applied more often. Mainly the lightest white pink shade.

White pink:



This one works well as a really nice sheer , look . It’s a bit streaky but not too bad from far away.

Sandy sheer shade

C22E3E96-4A3C-4B45-8921-61CC8E171BF5This one in my opinion worked a bit better as a sheer shade than the light pink . It’s a bit more natural and reflects better.

1D6D8E48-0655-48BE-B8E4-5646B7149919The next one I really liked is a sort of pastel bubblegum shade . 


Here it kind of shows lip lines but nothing too extreme .


Plus it goes nice with glam eyes ! I really like using this shade .

Now on the the super sheer pink . I was surprised as the tube is a lot darker, but it’s not as pigmented as the bubblegum pink.


F484CB21-D4AD-4F2D-9C10-F13735E3983EI held up the tube to show what I mean . It just kind of blends in with my natural lip color . 
I don’t even remember which shade this was . It was pink but not sure which one . And it’s very sheer, up close and with the full face pics . So perfect for when you just want shine.

D27CCD7B-394D-4562-8598-632C6A257614Another random shimmer ! This one is a bit more shimmery than the rest though.


You can kind of see the small glitter on my lips here .

75BA77EA-0BBF-41F4-98B5-569F9031E130Here’s my favorite of the shimmer glosses :


This one up close you can hot pink and orange glitter , it’s a pretty nice effect . Plus it reflects color really nice

5E19E27B-429B-4652-ADAF-3F5E6E77844BAnd finally the last shimmer shade : 


This one is actually really nice , it’s one of the more glitter shades . Not as bright as the last but still really shiny.

15B78A4D-5B1D-49C5-B86D-09A3762CE7BBAnd sadly all my progress for my post was deleted , so I had to start over again. So I’ll try to keep this quick as there are 8 more shades to go through. So I’ll start with my favorites.

63AF1F57-CBCB-43E0-8910-F53792B4175AThis one is more pale pink but it shows up nice and has decent coverage.

E052E3EF-E143-4F06-A3FF-A84B1AACEA8BIt’s a pretty nice subtle shade.

F694A170-A4CF-4798-8C45-D63F011C3AB5And One of my favorites ! This is nice coral bubblegum shade .

59CF0BFF-6C41-4E09-B1CE-D445F346AF62This one may be favorite out of the whole set.

5B911C37-0630-4255-998F-246B556EA1FDHere’s the more cool toned cupcake pink.


And now for the light peach shade.

EA7B7673-920D-4CE7-BF1E-9553E9DFF798I was surprised at how well these cover and reflect light.

EC7DF439-10FF-41A0-8D34-A28E8A0546BBNow for the bolder shades:

The first being the red cherry shade

EF487D1D-3C5E-49F6-8D9C-F7CCD5234315This is a pretty nice color. i don’t have to many lip colors this shade either. Mainly because I like wearing them with blonde or silver hair.

5294CB3D-8A7D-4521-B3A0-57F48E9861EDIt looks more red here than close up.

And now lets check out the bright magenta shade. this one surprised me as it looks more red in the tube.


2089CEFC-652D-4A44-A27B-B0892FD350F4I may start wearing this one more often.

 And another surprise is this brown shade. Well it was more brown in the tube but on the lips it’s more of a pink toned color. It reminds me of Too Faced Melted Chihuahua. I wonder if that shade is still available.


A3612552-C206-47E5-96FB-5D191695EFB1Also again really good coverage.

 And finally this nice plum shade .

A146EBB3-2935-4D68-97D9-F3A110BC7912This one is really nice and it’s a bit goopy , but thats okay. It’s super bright.

Also I forgot to mention these are scent really nice. they smell like a mix of chocolate or vanilla. can’t really decide which one I smell more.

CADB6421-DCF7-48AD-BBB7-518F4C0C0E4CWell let me know what you think. Someone gave these to me for Christmas , like a year ago and I forgot about reviewing them . I think you can find L. A Colors at either CVS or Walgreens , just not the ones where I’m at sadly. I wanted to try and find some individual shades that I really liked , but sadly no luck. I do like the formula though. Let me know what some of your favorite gloss formulas are , have a great week!

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