EOS Boost Mango Melonade Lip Balm Review


Saw this at Target today , and I was super excited to try it . I’m a huge fan of the double packs of EOS , as I’ve tried the Watermelon Frosé pack as well. Plus this one had mango and melon , Although I was worried the ginger would over power those scents.So lets check out the balms.


The first thing when you open the balms , is the nice scent of cantaloupe. It reminds me of the cantaloupe Hi-Chew candies . There’s a hint of thr mango but the cantaloupe is the stronger of the two . I didn’t really notice that much of the ginger , which is nice imo . I think ginger can sometimes be overbearing unless its more a holiday scent like gingerbread, or pumpkin spice. Overall I really like the smell and taste , its very summery. 

The formula itself is very smooth and glided on my lips . Its really similar to the watermelon frosé really , my lips stayed smooth all day . It wasn’t greasy or sticky . Plus I can definitely put on a lipstick on top without having it slip around too much .

I would recommend this particular balm if you like cantaloupe or melon flavors and scents . It works great and smells awesome. Plus the double pack of stick and lip sphere is probably the better deal . The other pack was two sticks , but the spehere itself holds 7.grams of product . So definitely try it out if you see it . I might try the Apple Tonic or the sweet horchata next . Well have a good week and stay safe everyone🦄



11 thoughts on “EOS Boost Mango Melonade Lip Balm Review

    1. Yes some of the newer flavors are really good . I definitely like all the mango and honey apple flavors. I think the newer ones with shes butter seem to better than even the older products in making my lips smooth.

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