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B6A2E688-3FBA-4E74-82C5-6FC76D897EB0Well I was out at CVS and I happened to come across a really cute Profusion Cosmetics Holiday display. And of course this would catch my eye.

90ADCA2D-FCBC-44BB-8471-B3AAC2AD93C8There was some other cute things too , like liquid eyeshadow and some lolipop shaped glosses , but the Unicorn face Brush was too cute.

B6A2E688-3FBA-4E74-82C5-6FC76D897EB0I had to add it to my brush collection! My fiance asked , how do you use it ? By holding the Unicorn neck and head of course lol.

D39A8D51-4124-4F43-9D31-3FBAC38F1182So this is actually part of the Profusion Written in The Stars Holiday collection, if you can’t find this at your CVS , you can find it at the Profusion website.  And yes the mane is super soft ! Like ridiculously so .8737B832-B591-4C2C-B7E9-AD70C95F831DI will probably mainly use this for setting powders , but I could using it for blush too. But that might stain the mane.But that might be okay too . Overall I probably won’t use this a ton as I think it makes a really cute decoration and I don’t want any of the bristles coming off or the metallic finsih on the plastic to peel.  But it does work as brush for those curious. Just a bit tricky to put into some powder containers due to the shape. 

CD2C6F57-340D-4D36-BB5F-3A4E4C68FA5AIt’s just really cute ! Let me know what you think and if you have any cool or themed makeup brushes ? I still want to pick up the Wet n Wild Lilo and Stitch brushes . They’re really adorable. Have a nice Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Profusion cosmetics WRITTEN IN THE STARS UNICORN FACE BRUSH review

  1. That’s an interesting design for a brush, it looked like it would be awkward to hold but the pic of you holding it didn’t seem awkward at all lol.

    It’s really cute that it’s a unicorn and I would probably use setting powders as well to avoid staining the bristles.

    I also did not realize WnW had lilo and Stitch brushes that sounds so cute but I stopped supporting them a couple years back when I heard they were no longer considering CF 😮‍💨

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    1. Yeah I was also interesting in how it was to hold and it’s actually surprisingly easy lol and yes just setting powders for this brush !
      Yeah I was so confused about WnW as a company cause I heard they weren’t and then later that changed their testing policy again . So idk . It can be very confusing .

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      1. I did a post about that when it all happened a few years ago. I guess they were spotted in China and when people asked them on insta I guess some comments got deleted? So they went about it in the wrong way and i dont think they ever fully addressed it, except with some statement and a photo of a bunny that theyre still CF. They can be CF here in the states but when brands decide to sell in mainland China, their products are at risk of being pulled from the shelf and being tested if someone complains. So they find that loophole of “only where required by law” but in terms of being truly CF, they get disqualified from lists like that.

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