EOS Watermelon Frosé Lip Balm Review

F4B6D182-9C7C-4831-8748-2D788BCA3DA0So I found a new flavor of EOS lipbalm that I wanted to try out . Todays review will be the Watermelon Frosé double pack !

So I was super excited to see this at my Target , there was one pack that had another flavor but it was the regular sticks. Where this one had two watermelon frosè balms , I initially bought this so I could have one and my fiancé could have the other one too .  The taste and scent of these are definitely watermelony , with a hint of lime and after taste of mint . But the mint isn’t overwhelming like some other mint lipbalms . I looked at the ingredients and was happy to see menthol wasn’t on the list as it can chap lips and make them more dry.


The balm itself goes on very smooth and seems to be absorbed in my lips quickly as opposed to just setting on my lips. This I think is a good thing as my lips feel really soft after using it . Overall I really liked this double pack , I preper the actual lip spheres as they are easy to find and seem to have more product , but the stick is nice too and easy to throw in a pocket.

Overall I really liked this set and hope to try out some more flavors whenever these run out.     I really hope next time I can find marshmallow  as thats the one I’ve wanted to try the most . Till next time have a good week and stay safe.



5 thoughts on “EOS Watermelon Frosé Lip Balm Review

    1. They’re fruit flavors are some of the best . But I did like the limited edition chocolate mint . It was way better than just regular mint , but it was only available two christmas’s ago .

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