Maybelline Fit Me dewy+Smooth foundation in 210 sandy beige review

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IMG_E3340Hey everyone ! It’s time for another product that I forgot about lol ! This time I had better luck with it than the Wet n Wild gel liner from yesterday. I did think that the color looked a bit more yellow toned in the bottle but on my skin it actually blended it really well.

IMG_3338Here’s another picture in slightly different lighting.

And here’s a swatch on my arm.

It looks a bit more warm , but hey maybe it’ll be okay on my face as that’s usually what gets more sun. Also this has SPF 18 so that definitely helps when going out.

It’s very smoothing and yes on the dewy side , but hey that’s not bad. It blends super easy and covers some of my more faint blemish scars. I did use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Magic Touch Concealer under my eye area, it’s a lot lighter than this shade , so I had to kind of blend the two near my cheeks and under eyes. I did use a beauty blender to apply and E.L.F Jelly Pop primer as underneath. Over all it seems to have a good wear time and didn’t oxidise to bad . I was super scared of having orange skin as some drugstore foundations can oxidise pretty harshly. But maybe that was just a thing of the early 2000s? Anyone Remember the Dream Mousse? 

988CA7DB-41BE-4B15-9633-F05D88F14F28I do like the finish. I’m sure if I went outside I may add a setting powder to keep it from getting to shiny, but it’s not bad . I only applied a few drops on my beauty blender , so a little goes a long way. Overall I like it , maybe not quite as much as my BeautyBlender Skin tint, But it’s not bad for quick foundation and looks nice for pictures. Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried Maybelline’s other skin or foundation products.

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