E.L.F Cosmetics Jelly Pop Dew Primer

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So I ran out of the Milk Hydro Primer sample , and I wanted to try something similar , or at least something that was rumored to perform as well as Milk’s primer . And I heard rave reviews about the Jelly Pop Primer, plus it smells like watermelon. Of course I had to try it. Interestingly this is starting to become a hard item to find and is only on E.L.F’s website and Amazon. Although Amazon’s price is twice as much as E.L.F. So let’s check this out.

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The packaging is pretty simple , with the bottle having a pump and cap so it doesn’t get everywhere in your makeup bag. I still of course keep it housed in the original plastic box just in case it explodes in my makeup bag. One of the ingredients in this primer is hyaluronic acid (it’s pretty hydrating for skin ) and watermelon extract. It does smell like watermelon candies or juice too. I really like the scent to be honest. The actual primer itself is sticky, and a bit like glue. Definitely similar to the Milk Hydro Grip Primer. But with added watermelony goodness. I did leave this on for a while before putting my foundation on . So I applied my eye makeup first and let the jelly primer set.
Some pictures of my foundation , blushlighter, setting powder .



I really liked how smooth my makeup looks, I didn’t have any problems with cracking or too much shininess . It does have a bit of a dewy look but less so than the Nyx Marshmellow primer . It also doesn’t do too much for pores , but thats okay as my makeup covers most of that . It does however make my skin very moisturized . I did go shopping later with a mask , and it seems like most of my makeup still stayed on . With the exception of the lip gloss which I took off . But sadly I forgot to take after pics . I did get about 8 hours of wear out of this primer , with only my nose really showing a bit of shine.

Overall I really liked this primer and I hope they don’t discontinue it as I really like the formula. It’s a great inexpensive dupe for Milk’s Hydro Grip primer , plus the added watermelon smell is really nice .Plus it’s only $10 on ELF’s site .I’ll probably go back and fourth with this one and the Nyx Marshmallow primer as they are both very nice and feel good on the skin. I do think this one will be better for summer months and heat where as the Marshmallow one will be better for cooler weather and staying inside . Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried any of the other ELF primers.✨


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