Beautyblender Bounce Skin Tint review

B0226770-3940-4A6B-BDCB-17383ABBE897Not going to lie , I was pretty excited to receive this Vox Box from Beautyblender . This is my second box from BeautyBlender, and I was hyped . As always this box was sent to me from Influenster and Beautyblend ,free in exchange for my honest review.

95BE5DBF-EFEC-4A7C-872C-1D03C7B3C0AE7347A69E-6CBF-457B-AA11-DF75191A331FA6D9A43A-12DA-4EF6-BBC6-7A78579AAD3FI loved the packaging ! It’s bright and pink and reminiscent of a mixing studio.

96A39CF7-AD2A-4235-9343-FBB24E4D158FInside this box includes the Bounce Skin Tint  and a Nude BeautyBlender.


87C642AA-680C-4738-8885-67FEED46E63AA4649925-562E-43ED-842C-CEF664C1BA15The tint comes housed in a frosty glass bottle and only requires a few drops depending on how much coverage you need . 

EE5E6C86-CDDF-43A2-9F83-39A6D4BF0304My swatch , it’s lighter here but blends into my face very well. 
Here’s the first pic ,  I was trying a new lipstick too but swapped them out between pics .


Overall I really liked the coverage , and it applied well on my face . I had a few dark spots that were slightly visible, but you can easily layer this over a light concealer .  I used the Nyx marshmallow primer and it stayed for hours . I’ve also used this with setting powder both BeautyBlender brand and a revlon setting powder , and this helped keep my look more matte in some of my other looks I’ve done . But for this initial look I only used the BeautyBlender tint which I applied with nude beautyblender.


So this is my second Beautyblender and I found it to be a bit stiffer than the green bio-blender . But after about 5 uses , it’s seem to have gotten a lot softer . It works well for applying the tint , and is probably the best way to apply it aside from rubbing it in with fingers . I did try using brushes but it seemed to make it more streaky . 
Overall I was really happy with the quality of this tint and I liked it better than the Laura Mercier tint. It’s got a more natural look , stays on for hours and is great for quick makeup days . It also is fine to have blush , setting powder or other products layered over it. I would definitely say give it a try , if you want nice easy to build up tint that’s lightweight✨.


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