Célavi 12 pack Facial Mask Review

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IMG_1207Hey everyone ! This post took a while , I bought these face masks on amazon like almost a year ago. And it’s taken me and my fiance a while to use all of them. Plus the pictures of the packages have been scattered across various cameras and phones. I may be missing a few , so I apologize in advanced for that. I do believe you can still order these on amazon and the set comes with 12 face masks. Here’s a list of the scents. I will go ahead and say most of these have the same ingredient list and it’s  mostly just the sent that changes. Well the charcoal one had charcoal extract. And maybe the tea tree had tree extract, but aside from that these all did pretty much the same thing .


Here’s a complete list of what you get in the set:


And it looks like I’m missing the picture for tea tree and ginseng. I did like the smell of the ginseng one though. I think my finace used the tea tree one. But here are the one’s I did try and managed to take pictures of:

B52EA69D-5F18-45DE-8A50-C3B1C12DAA27This one had a nice citrusy scent.

1DDBC18E-55D0-4CBD-95FB-45455314B995All of these really made both my fiance and my face feel awesome, they’re very refreshing and cold . 

FF755B69-ABFC-4EA5-94FB-0CA0BB8643C1I don’t remember using this one but my fiance must’ve used it.

IMG_6505I did really like the scent of the honey.

IMG_1211This one was really good too! Sadly all i have is this blurry picture

IMG_1220This one felt extra moisturizing!

IMG_1224And this one too!

and here are the last three used :




59091127-591B-45BD-931B-40825281B1AAI’ll add the back for this one to show there’s not too much difference between this one and the vitamin c mask , just maybe the pomegranate extract. Overall these are pretty nice and moisturizing face masks , I’m not sure if they are the best as I prefer to use my Laneige water sleeping mask in the jar , but they are refreshing and are great to add to your normal skin care routine. Plus they’re reasonably priced on Amazon. I tried looking for them on other sites but it seems to be Amazon is the only place to find them . Let me know if you’ve tried these or any other face mask formulas.

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