Wet n Wild breakup proof water proof retractable Gel eyeLiner review

*This post contains afilliate codes 

Hey everyone ! i found this in the bottom of my makeup bag, I was wondering where it was exactly. But apparently I bought it, threw it in my bag, and forgot about it. Until now !


So this claims to be a smudge proof, waterproof and cry proof eyeliner . That’s also breakup proof , I now know that means relationship and not actual break proof.

B86F18B5-116D-4A40-912C-B84FEC2512A4It’s actually very breakable! The other claims though are correct, it’s waterproof as it took me forever to scrub it off my arm, and it stayed put for the most part on my eyes.

4BF6661C-AA31-47B3-987B-86215135567ABut and this is the bad part, it tugs and is hard to really use as a liner, I felt like I was fighting just to make a decent wing . For a gel formula , it’s pretty stiff. I was expecting something like the Rimmel Kohl gel pencils and instead got a very hard liner that broke twice on me . It did okay on my waterline, but I did have to keep going over it. This may not be the best liner to grab if yu don’t have a lot of time and need to line your eyes fast. But hey at least it’s nice dark black shade.


I wanted to go for a matte blue look with a bit of gel shimmer on top. The liner looks okay , but it was a pain to actually get it on my lids. It’s super dry and tugs really bad. 

03F7C8EC-8982-431D-AAD1-49225D783281This may be my least favorite liner . It does the job but not as well as the scandal eyes kohl gel liners. And really the Rimmel ones are cheaper , so get those instead, these while being water proof and retractable are a pain to apply and break. 

CD731BCC-2FFF-49A1-B09B-1C68D7D8F633And a full face pic ! With new foundation. That review will be up tomorrow. Have a great week everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Wet n Wild breakup proof water proof retractable Gel eyeLiner review

    1. Yeah I actually really like quite a bit of their lip and blush products. They had this limited edition pac man blush/highlighter combo that is super pretty. I’m sure if they still have the blush lighter pellets but they are really pretty in person .

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