vinyl by Skullcandy true wireless bluetooth earbuds review


Hey everyone ! It’s time for a tech review . So a few years ago I reviewed the Skull Candy Jib True wireless ear buds. Those were really awesome but I needed a second pair as my fiance and I do some online gaming and talk to friends. Plus they’re nice to have for working out as well. These were on sale on some obscure tech site , that I unfortunately forgot the name of. Plus they’re a nice orange shade. 

24E2E3B6-5732-4EAF-B8A9-EE04139F657BThese are the Vinyl line of Skull Candy, and the ear buds are a little bigger than the Jib True line. The actual earpiece is soft and reminds me of the JVC Marshmallow earbuds. I used to loved those so much and had so many colors. Sadly i would go through earbuds really fast back then. they either blew out or would be kind of damaged. I know I’m terrible. But these really remind me of those marshmallow headphones that I loved so much.


B4FA5D29-B4DA-4B70-84D1-5D993886B5C7This set comes with the case, charger cable, and extra ear pieces in different sizes.


Well aside from looking cute, these headphones aren’t as good , sound quality wise as the Jib True buds. They lack body or depth and some songs sounds a bit hollow . They do work well for gaming on Xbox or using the voice chat on Discord though. And the actual bluetooth partb works well with generally all devices. Well except Nintendo Switch, but I guess that system itself isn’t very bluetooth friendly. Overall I do like these headphones , but some music does indeed sound a bit hollow or empty, which can be really off putting if you like electronic or hip hop music. Even some of the newer metal bands sounded kind of empty with these. I’ll probably mostly use these for voice calling and chatting for online gaming and as a spare set when my fiance is using the Jib True headphones. But at least Robert Parker Crystal City album sounds good !

Have a good day everyone!

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