Nyx That’s the Point Super Edgy Artistry Liner Review

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Time for an eyeliner review ! This time it’s the bigger and bolder That’s the Point Artistry liner. This is the first time I tried this liner , as I’ve tried both the Epic Liner and The Put a Wing on it liner( which I loved but it’s getting harder to find).

30F0CB6A-B219-40DF-961D-59F8F792FEC6It’s a nice thick tube that’s easy to hold.

B15D7429-DE39-4592-94C9-82BF039A2BEDThe angled tip takes a bit to get used to , because depending on how you swipe you can get thinner or thicker lines.

EFED67E3-27F7-4300-95BB-5A86D5E93816Excuse the glitter I had used it with a super shimmer eye look before swatching.

The ink itself is very bold, black, and semi-matte. It stays on all day and doesn’t really smudge. Plus It goes over pretty much all shadow finishes. 

The Looks:

so instead of one look I’ll show off some of the previous eye looks plus a new one . It did take me a while to really learn how to use the angled tip . But now that I do know, it’s become one of my favorite liners .

Peachy Punk look:




89ADF8B3-73B1-42CA-AC29-115ABA1F7E3BThis look was fun for me as it gave the illusion that my lashes were huge lol. I liked it so much I even wore it out to do errands.

Batwing Aurora :



I love batwing looks in general , I would wear them more often , but sometimes the wings don’t always come out how I want them to. This was a look I did for my Juvia’s Place Masquerade review. 

Blackmetal E-girl look:

E2352F58-0BC2-4EFF-A5B5-06E8C59625013B944C93-9A17-4EB9-ADB6-A99F7F931B5FThis was actually my first look with this liner. It was also a bit messy, but I ended up loving it at the end. Plus I felt it looked better from further away. I also made a few mistakes with lines and had to use concealer to kind of fix it. But in the end I really liked how bold it was and in your face. Maybe next time I go to a metal concert this will be the eyelook I’ll do.

Classic liner look:

972E549C-BDB1-4A17-B829-5D800482BE28And here’s your average cat eye winged look. This liner is very versatile. Overall I would definitely buy this again when this runs out. Plus I do hope to do more bold graphic looks , as they’re very fun and mix up my eye looks.

Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried this liner or have done any graphic looks before.  Have a good week everyone . 

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