EOS Rainbow Sherbet Lip Balm Review


Hey everyone ! I’m back and I’ve finally upgraded my website ! I even have my own domain name ✨ 🫒 🦄. I’m pretty excited as now I can add more pictures , and even some videos . But enough of that let’s check out this new lip balm ! I saw this while browsing Target , along with a blackberry hibiscus flavor that I’ll have to try later . I was in a sherbet mood .
When I opened the balm it smelled so good ! Definitely has the raspberry and lime notes along with a nice fruit punch smell . I was also happy with how smooth it glided on my lips too . Definitely has a different feel than the Christmas balms I reviewed earlier this year . I would say this one feels a bit more moisturizing and applies easier .
Overall I really liked this one and it’s one of my favorite new flavors . I love the rainbow sherbet scent and flavor , and it makes my lips super smooth and soft . It’s perfect for summer and hydrates my lips .
Let me know in the comments what you think and if you’ve tried this EOS or the Blackberry Hibiscus ?

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10 thoughts on “EOS Rainbow Sherbet Lip Balm Review

    1. Thanks so much ! It was such a relief. Although I do need to add more video reviews . Not sure about makeup videos , as I’m a bit shy ☺️ but I do have some video game reviews I’m currently working on .


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