redken repair vox box !

*This post was gifted to me from Influenster and Redken in exchange for my honest review.

934053B8-B062-41B4-825B-5EF10931DD24I actually receieved this box a little earlier in the month , but have been testing the products off and on. I’m not quite satisfyed with just using myself , so I asked my little sister if she would like to try them out too. We recently bleached and redyed her hair. So this might help with some of the bleach damage , which seemed to be minimal. What is this box exactly ? It seems to be Redken’s answer to the highly popular Olaplex system. I’ve never tried olaplex before , but have heard tons of hype with people in a hair dye forum I used to frequent. In this box I recieved :

A631B8FC-17AD-4E33-A2C8-BBC1238F8BBEAcidic Bonding concentrate, this is to be used before shampoo. Also it’s color safe , or at least it was for me . It has citric acid which is a ph balancer. This is probably why it’s used before shampoo’ing . Now it does contain Alpha Hyroxy and theres a warning on the back about wearing a hat or sunscreen , due to alpha hydroxy sun sensitivity. I didn’t use this on my scalp as I live in a sunny area , but just used this on my ends. i’m sure wearing a hat or covering may help. I’ll write a more thorough review after I have my sister try it.

BA87BB48-20A7-4978-A3D7-9B64C7CE7413And here’s the acidic bonding concentrate leave in conditioner. This claims to be a conditioning , heat protection and styling aid. I’ve used quite a bit but I don’t think it’s that good at conditioning, heat styling  though ( I use a blow dryer ) it works for that. Days where I just towel dried , I didn’t notice any conditioning benefits. I think the Marc Anthony leave-in conditioner worked better for actual moisture.  I will write seperate more in depth reviews on both soon. But it’s still pretty cool trying these out. Well have a great week everyone !


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