a+d tattoo moisturizing ointment

*This post was sent to me for free from Influenster and Bayer in exchange for my honest review. This post also contains affiliate links.

3968531D-A657-4EA8-8667-00132FC676B6So I’ve been meaing to get back on and share some of my Influenster Vox boxes< but have been busy with other things and Genshin. Plus I think I;ve used this product long enough to do an accurate review.

E65EE2CC-ECE7-466A-925E-9669C013DBCB So my tattoos i’ve had for a few years , and this product seems interesting. It claims to help hydrate old tattoos and keep them looking nice. Now because my tattoos are older and have lost weight , the lines are a little blurry. But that’s okay and I was happy to try out this product to see if my tattoos would look brighter. or as bright as they can since one is grey (dolphin) and the other simple black Anubis jackal.

DCC3DA77-B59E-4EA2-9C49-F9D10873A66CHere’s the list of ingredients for those interested.

CF7CB1F1-EFBF-4DC3-93EA-27F66BD97355And here’s the little tube. you really don’t need much but a tiny bead. This is a very thick formula that to me smells like a strange combination of Honey House naturals Bee Bar,Bag Balm ( that stuff for cows ) . I’ll include a link for the Bee Bar, It’s pretty hard to find but works insanly well. Oh and there’s a hint of almond too due to the almond oil. It’s  very thick so it takes a while to spread on your tattoo but it does last all day . The only downside is that it may stick to your clothes, which I had an issue with my back tattoo. Also it even lasted when I was outside for a jog.  So here’s my tattoos after a week of using this ointment.

D88649DB-7F30-4D0B-859E-83BC26129D25The dolphin is the oldest , but the greys looks brighter.

0EA17D34-C976-486A-87D0-E7C6EACDF87COverall I liked how it made my skin soft and my tattoos look smoother.  I do think someone with more colorful tattoos would benifet from this ointment. Well let me know what you think and if you’ve tried this for your tattoos? Have a nice week everyone!

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3 thoughts on “a+d tattoo moisturizing ointment

  1. This seems like an interesting product! Although this particular one might not be best for me (my only tat is on my back to the sticking to clothes thing isn’t appealing) but I really don’t give mine the care it deserves (besides at least remembering to use sunscreen on it if it’ll be exposed to the sun). It makes me think that perhaps I should look into products specifically for tattoo care.

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