Marc Anthony Grow Long super fast leave in conditioner review

B6CACAF1-FA4B-49BD-A1E6-DF80BF64F8C8 So since I had a bleach disaster a while ago , I’ve been focusing on trying to grow out some of my hair. There’s one patch that’s a bit choppier than the rest of my hair . Also I wanted to keep my hair conditioned and soft plus my finace needed a good detangler as well. So this leave in conditioner seemed like a great addition to my hair product collection.

CDD3876D-5104-4253-B626-7AAE529E9972 It does have some silicones for those that are mindful of those, but the rest of the ingredients look good. There’s Ginseng, coconut oil, and caffeine. All of which are supposed to be good for or promote hair growth.  I haven’t tried any other products from Marc Anthony but I may try out the shampoo and conditoner sometime in the future. As for how this product works . To me it’s up for debate. I’ve been using this off and on along with my fiance amd we really haven’t noticed a difference for hair growth. My roots are growing in but not really any faster than normal. My guy’s hair is about the same. Now for a nice leave in conditioner that promotes soft silky hair , yes this totally works , and it’s a great detangler if you have those issues . But as for faster hair growth I’m still on the fence.

Overall it’s a good leave in conditioner if you need a bit more moisture, and it’s great for bleached or damaged hair too. Plus it’s color safe.  I would definitely reccomend to those who need a solid leave in conditioner , but if you use it too often it may leave a bit of build up. So I usually just use for three days of the week. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you have tried any of the other Marc Anthony products . Have a great week everyone.


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12 thoughts on “Marc Anthony Grow Long super fast leave in conditioner review

  1. Ooo I love this one! I’ve used and repurchased about three bottles so far. I haven’t noticed any hair growth benefits either, but I like it as a detangler. I’m currently using the brand’s Apple Miracle restoring one, which I enjoy the smell, but it’s not as good at detangling as this one so I’ll probably go back to the Grow Long afterwards.

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    1. Its mostly straight but curls easy when I braid my hair at night. I try to mix it up sometimes I ca get it super straight with the hair dryer or braid it when it’s slightly damp . When I was a little girl I had a bit of wave , probably from my Dad’s side.

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      1. I just bought it in try to see what it does to my hair and how it works I saw some salons using it ! Wasn’t sure if just another cheap brand or something that actually worked !

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