revlon super lustrous gloss in Lean in review

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DEC40A17-E812-4752-863C-FCD0D7FE0B94I know I reviewed so many of these Super Lustrous glosses, my favorite being the sugar violet, but here’s my last one ! This really sheer sparkly pink. I would say this might be might second favorite after Sugar Violet.  It’s got some nice gold champagne sparkle to it, and goes great with softer makeup looks.

4C2AD960-0E83-4FE4-A3D7-79CF4551EADFHere’s the swatch with the nice shimmer. It’s got the same consistency as the other shades, being slightly moisturizing but not too sticky or goopy. It actally works great as a sealent if you swipe this over other lipsticks or lip balm.

And here it is on the lips:

5293F7AE-5A00-4A0B-B8CF-EEFE25BCD490I tried to take two lip pictures as one is less in focus but you can see the nice gold shimmers.

8ACD8417-B634-4445-9412-00C2D467DF25This one is a bit better and you can see the gloss gives the lips a nice wet look. It reflects light really well too .

1B39648A-1287-4227-8FDC-F32AA3ABB1DCAnd here it is for the full face pic! I chose today to use my BH Cosmetics Opalescent Palette. I’m not a huge fan of this palette’s mattes but the shimmers are really nice. Also I thought this palette went well with the lipgloss. Well let me know what you think and if you’ve tried any other Super lustrous gloss? Which colors am I missing?

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