Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Sugar Violet Review

So this is one of the add ons that I threw in my cart after ordering some things on Amazon . I had this for almost a month and have used it off and on , so finally I can write a good review.So lets check it out.

IMG_3140 (2)

IMG_3142 (2)

The Sugar Violet gloss online looked to be a nice pale violet gloss , but as you can see from the swatches and lip pics , its very sheer . It does have a bit of a pink shine too it with the sparkles but nothing too intense. I was slightly disappointed but this will still get use when I wear more bold eye looks and want a bit of subtle shimmer on my lips.

IMG_3144 (2)

IMG_3147 (2)
its not the most pigmented and it looks like some of the color settled in my lines.
IMG_3150 (2)
It looks best from far away.

The packaging reminds me of old school mall lipgloss , like the kind you would pick up at Claires , but you know without the horrible asbestos included . Its applicator is a soft doe foot brush and the gloss itself has a slight sweet smell to it . The formula is smooth with some tackiness but nothing too bad and thank goodness the sparkles aren’t gritty . Thats one thing I don’t like with sparkle glosses is graininess .

So simple packaging and sheer pigmentation aside . This isn’t a bad subtle shimmer gloss and its fairly cheap . I did notice since uplaoding the close up picture that the color kind of settled in my lips.  So I’m going to go ahead and say this is kind of a subpar product and I’ll be using it more as a lip topper. Overall Revlon has been kind of putting out some mediocre to bad products . I still need to upload pictures of how bad the last lipstick I bought was . So until then have a good week.


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