BH Cosmetics Opalescent Palette Review

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Hey everyone ! I decided after playing with Wahala, and the Sugarpill capsules, I’d go back to a palette I ordered in early June. This one had a really nice soft glam look and I don’t own a ton of soft glam colors. Most of my palettes are rainbow, shimmers,bold, and colorful with the exception of Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons. So I thought I would try out Bh Cosmetics as they were having a really good sale a few months ago. Both palettes I ordered took almost a month to get here and well I should probably get into the review.

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First off , the color story is beautiful and reminds me a bit of the Huda New Nudes, well sort of. The shimmers look nice, I like the addition of purple to a soft glam nude palette. The peaches and pink toned corals are also a nice addition too. There’s 24 colors in all , 10 of those are mattes. Which is kind of the problem. These mattes are bad. Like really bad, they don’t show up on my skin, are chalky and don’t layer well or blend out. I just don’t like them, they’re so pale and chalk , and aren’t really workable with primer or shadow base. Any time I would go to use the palette and tried using a matte, I had to grab different mattes from my other palettes. The shimmers aren’t bad but they’re not as shimmery as my Too Faced, Urban Decay, or Juvia’s Place shimmers. I still use them though as I do like the soft look sometimes. But to get any type of look I used other palettes. This was actually kind of a let down as I wanted to be able to use some of the matte neutrals, such as Wish, Bright, Gorgeous , Grace or Alluring. I’ve tried every matte in the palette for a look and was severely let down. I also believe this would be the same for someone lighter than my skin tone as well , since you can’t really blend them out. As for people darker than me , I’m afraid they just don’t behave well. This of course BH’s fault. I usually don’t like giving bad reviews but I think for the price of this palette the mattes should work better bas many people buying this are likely going for a full look. I have a varied collection of shadows so I can at least bring out some mattes, neutrals and deeper tones to even out though.

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So I’ll start naming the mattes , theres ten in all and they are all pretty chalky with Charm being the only one to really work out okay .Wish (the purple is also a bit more pigmented but hard to blend out.

  • Flutter is a eggshell white matte
  • Dainty is a matte peach
  • Charm is matte iced tea color
  • Bright is a matte pastel light pink
  • Alluring is a matte orangy peach color
  • Gorgeous is a matte sable brown color
  • Grace is a matte latte color
  • Wish is a matte plum purple 
  • Stunner is a matte terracotta
  • Mystic is the last of the mattes and still pretty bad its one of the darker browns but still doesn’t work that well in my V. Its just not that pigmented.

IMG_5227 (2)

And now the better half of the palette. Note there are still better shimmers by other brands but this is the palettes saving grace otherwise I would really just ignore Opalescent all together.

  • Captivating is a nice shimmery orange copper shade.
  • Lovely is a nice coral shimmer
  • Dream is a lighter peachy coral shimmer
  • Opaline is a one of my favorites and is pink based coral shimmer
  • Dazzle is a golden champagne shimmer
  • Twilight is a light lilac/white shimmer
  • Magic(also a favorite of mine) is a lilac/purple shimmer
  • Star is a white cream shimmer
  • Fling is a burgandy brown shimmer
  • Romance is a nice white champagne shimmer
  • Delight is a gold shimmer
  • Vivacious is red toned champagne color. I really like this one too.
  • Sequin is a golden copper color, it kind of shifts to be honest.
  • Opulent is a dark chocolate shimmer.

And finally some looks :

IMG_5126 (3)

IMG_5098 (2)

I used two photos for this look so you could see the colors and shine better. I started off trying to use the matte shades Bright, Alluring and Dainty but the colors were way too chalky. So Instead I used the Pink matte from Life’s A Festival and the peach sand matte from that palette as well. I buffed out the pink so it wouldn’t be super bright and added these shimmers from Opalescent : Opaline, Star, and Dreamer . I attempted to add a darker matte from the palette but it blended away too much. I believe it was Stunner but you can’t really see it. Also Fling was used on the bottom of my eyes. and Flutter on the brows.

IMG_5123 (2)

100_0304 (2)

My next look was pretty much all the purple shades. I was tempted to use one of my better purple mattes but decided to use only Opalescent for this look. I started off with Bright on my brow, and used Wish in my crease. I kept blending and adding more of the purple as it kept blending away and it looked quite patchy. But my patience paid off and I was able to sort of cute the crease and add the shimmer shades in Twilight, Magic, Vivacious, and Fling on the bottom of my eyes.

IMG_5198 (2)

IMG_5216 (2)

And finally my nice neutral brown look I tried using as many shades as I could . I used the mattes Dainty, Gorgeous , Mystic and Charm all around my eyes. I had to layer a lot and the V I tried to use just one dark brown but it was too patchy so I layered another shade on top of it. Afterwards I used Star , Romance , Sequin and Opulent. for the bottom and inner corner of my eyes I used Opulent and Delight.

IMG_5205 (2)

So I decided to keep my looks to three as I used as many shades as I possibly could , but I still didn’t like working with the mattes. I will continue to use the shimmers and try to plunder as much out of them as I can. But I will probably be weary of BH Cosmetics, as I think the mattes could’ve been better and since they were neutrals should’ve been easier to formulate. I wouldn’t recommend buying this palette at full price as 10 out of the 24 colors aren’t the best quality.  Also I didn’t have as much fun with this palette when I tried to only use the palette by itself, I really did need to pull out shades from my other palettes to make my looks perfect. I do have one more BH palette to review , so I’ll post that up soon. Let me know in the comments about what you think , and what you’re favorite soft glam palettes are.



13 thoughts on “BH Cosmetics Opalescent Palette Review

  1. I like the look with the purples! I have 2 BH eyeshadow palettes plus one blush palette. I think their formula is too soft. Have you tried Solar Flare? It’s SUPER shimmery, almost too shimmery, but they have some good colors.

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  2. Ohh this is disappointing..we don’t get BH cosmetics easily in India.. I thought to either order internationally as they do look tempting..but reviews like this make me stop. Means m more into mattes and their shimmer eyeshadow works better so almost no use for me. Same I have faced with Shany Cosmetics.
    But u still loved your second purple shimmer look. I think you carry shimmer look very well

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    1. Thanks 🙂 yeah I talked with someone else in my discord server and they had problems with BH shipping in general , I can only imagine ordering from another country . If you ever get a chance I would recommend Juvia’s Place for nice pigmented mattes and good shimmers .

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      1. Yeah Juvia’s place palettes look very promising…there are lot in my wishlist which we don’t yet get in India..I started with colourpop blast year December and got it in 3 weeks..I thought to order more from them. Juvia’s, Jeffrey Star (I have their one mini bundle Liquid Lipstick), Fenty etc are in my wishlist..I thought I will get this year..let’s see

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      2. I still haven’t tried Colourpop yet , but I’ve had a few items from Jeffree Star , and a lot from Fenty . I currently own 3 Juvia’s Place palettes and I’m really happy with the formulas . If you get a chance let me know what you think .

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  3. That’s too bad about the mattes 😦 I almost ordered this a few times and now I’m glad I didn’t. I do love most of my BH cosmetics palettes though, it makes me wonder what they did differently with this formula!

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  4. You created some lovely looks for something you don’t particularly love. BH is definitely hit or miss for me. I have both zodiac and zodiac love. In those, I love the mattes. The shimmers, which are baked, swatch beautifully. They also go on my lid beautifully. But, by midday, they have both creased and disappeared. I’ve tried all manner of getting them to stick and stay, with no luck. I am seriously considering depotting both palettes and saving the matte shadows only. In any case, I’ve kind of decided that BH isn’t for me. I love the price point and I love their color stories, but I can’t be bothered with hit or miss.

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    1. Yeah this will probably be my last two BH palettes . The other one I have ( which I need to review ) is better quality even though it was a holiday edition . I still think I have better shadows in my collection that I like better , so I’ll do my best to plunder what I like from both palettes . Thanks 🙂 I tried lol

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