What have I been doing in Genshin ?

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Genshin Impact 9_9_2022 8_28_24 PMSo this happened . Rather than release new Sumeru characters we have a rerun of my two favorite ladies Ganyu and Kokami. And I have to stop myself from wishing on both of thier banners. I would love to get thier constellations up but I must save my primogems for my one true king:

Cyno_Guide_Genshin_Impact.webp (1000×1000) and 4 more pages - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge 9_11_2022 8_54_01 PM (3)Plus I have no idea when he is going to be released. I keep checking other Genshin blogs for release dates , but maybe after Ganyu and Kokami’s banner. I’m not sure but I don’t want to risk all my hard earned gems. Plus I might want his weopon too, which I usually don’t wish on the weopons banner. But rumor has it his spear is supposed to be pretty powerful.  So what else have I been doing in this game ? Well an event came out and I had to finally hurry up and go to Sumeru.

Genshin Impact 9_7_2022 8_25_51 PMThankfully I was just in time and able to get my own green Seelie. Seelies are the cute floating spirits. My last one was pink, but since the release of the rain forest based Sumeru, I wanted a green one. I do love the design of Sumeru, I apologize for not taking as many pictures of the new land. It’s really a site to behold with it’s giant mushrooms and flowers, and lush trees. I will take  more pictures of the land next post.

But in the mean time enjoy some pictures of Zhongli’s questline along with some chasm pictures. Oh the Dainsleif questline was amazing ! Very sad though, I really felt for the 500 year old immortal knight and his lost civilization.

Genshin Impact 9_5_2022 12_06_53 AMThis fight was pretty cool !

Genshin Impact 9_5_2022 12_25_35 AM

Genshin Impact 9_5_2022 12_28_03 AM

Genshin Impact 9_5_2022 12_29_04 AMLiyue is also a very pretty area too.

Genshin Impact 9_8_2022 8_01_11 PM

In the Chasm helping the Fatui again. It seems like these new quests have you help these guys quite a bit. Maybe they’re not so bad afterall, just misguided.

Genshin Impact 9_8_2022 11_41_09 PMThis place was pretty trippy. 

Genshin Impact 9_9_2022 10_02_26 PMA very sad quest. I don’t want to spoil anything but I felt pretty bad for the Hilichurls and the knights to be honest. It’s stories like these where I just want to keep playing. 

Genshin Impact 9_9_2022 10_05_25 PM

Genshin Impact 9_9_2022 10_24_17 PM

Genshin Impact 9_9_2022 10_24_37 PMThe type of flowers in the Traveler’s hair. And this part where the sibling places flowers for the poor Hilichurls.

Genshin Impact 9_9_2022 10_25_16 PM

Genshin Impact 9_9_2022 10_41_46 PMBut at least I got to fight this guy. And I thought I would end it on more positive note helping a giant, glowing talking mushroom.

Genshin Impact 9_10_2022 12_02_09 AM

Genshin Impact 9_10_2022 12_03_54 AMHave a good week everyone !

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2 thoughts on “What have I been doing in Genshin ?

    1. I just started the Dendro archon quest line So I can try and do the Graven innocence line before time runs out . I do like Tighnari , his ears and tail are cute and he wears Converse lol . Maybe his next run I can try and roll for him . But yeah ever since I saw the Genshin comic with Cyno , I was like I need this character lol


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