Messy hair and makeup day

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Hey everyone ! Today I wanted to attempt and pan some of my products , and also do my shadows with fingers. I was going for a more messy look. Also fading out my hair to go silver. I’ll explain that in more detail after I share product details. But first let’s check out my palettes used in this look.

6B602779-3164-4EE8-97B9-17A5AF41D0B0I’m still trying to pan this palette , but I did make a bit of a dip in Urban, Chaos not so much. I do love how these shades are still so pigmented and silky even after so long.

Next palette that I like pairing with these mattes is the Wahala 2, which has beautiful shimmers. I’ve almost hit pan with Fake (awesome multichome) but wanted to use both Money and Venom.

4FF4C10A-2EE2-487B-92F8-8EFC69A71AA6Oh and Yab too. I circled the shades used. So here’s the list of products used today:


  • Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk for the shadow base
  • Nyx Glitter for the shimmer shades
  • Nyx marshmallow primer for face
  • Urban Decay Electric palette , Chaos and Urban
  • Juvia’s Place Wahala 2 , shades used were Money, Venom . Yab was used for the brow bone.
  • Urban Decay 24/7 liner in the brownish eggplant shade Rockstar, smudged with Urban on the lower lashes.
  • Nyx That’s the point artistry liner
  • Revlon color stay concealer in 15
  • Too Faced Born This Way foundation in vanilla. I only used a few drops as I wanted my foundation to not be too heavy.
  • Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Blush in Drama Class , I used an excessive amount.
  • Fenty Beauty Highlighter Stick in Unicorn, I used alot of this too. maybe too much.
  • E.L.F Big Mood mascara, trying to use this up as it’s not my favorite mascara.
  • Wet n Wild marshmallow pout in Candy Wasted dabbed
  • Revlon Super lustrous gloss in Lean in

And now for the look:

9302929D-6E71-46CC-9841-58DE7078C4A3I wanted to show how it looks in different lighting. Money is my favorite part of the look as its a nice shifty duochrome , venom is abbit more of a frosty mint.

C97B35C5-1CFC-409C-93E1-008CADD36A81here Money seems to glow . I love the shade.

AB33287D-2F64-46DE-96E8-BA1078B59118And full face time. I’ve been washing my hair with sulfate shampoo and adding a bit of virgin pink mixed in conditioner to make my blue hair more silvery. I do want to try either Adore platinum or retry Iroiro Silver . The only thing is I read reviews that Iroiro Silver has changed the formula and is more blue based rather than the neutral silver shade it was. The same with my other favorite silver One n Only Chrome. I still might use on of those just to see for myself though. 

5F7F4FDA-47D8-4EFF-894C-D966E3281464The good news is the neon yellow is holding up really well in my hair . It’s faded to more of a marshmallow peep shade, but I like it. I do intend to refresh the yellow after I find the right silver or grey. I may even mix it with the neon green that I have , so I can dupe Arctic fox Space Cowgirl. Well everyone have a great Monday🦄✨.


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