Hairdye review : Iroiro Silver

So this weekend I walked into Sallys to take advantage of the buy two get one free hair dye sale . They were sold out of my favorite grey dye which is One N Only Perfect Intensity in Chrome . But the saleslady recommended Iroiro in Silver . Now I’ve had Iroiro on my list of dyes to try out so it was kind of nice that I can finally review it. Also this was the only pouch left of silver , so the results may be better with two if you have super thick or long hair .

Excuse the bleached up shirt . My hair before adding the dye .

A little hair history , my hair is super lightned through two rounds of bleach spread out over two weeks . And had previously been dyed with One N Only Perfect Intensity colors in Pastel Aqua ( since November) and Pastel Lilac and Bubblegum pink since April . Now theres still a bit of pastel aqua in my ends along with faint traces of bubblegum pink

Cute little package that kind of reminds of the applesauce packets for kids 🙂
The dye had consistency of a pudding . Not too thick or thin though.

Lets talk about packaging and dye . Iroiro dyes are packaged in these little pouches with a screw on cap , I had no trouble getting out the dye and I was able to use the whole pouch without any problems . The smell of the product is really nice , like a nice berry smell . Iroiro’s main ingrediants are coconut and quinoa oil and cranberry and yuzu fruit are used for the fragrance.

As for the consistency, very pudding-like but not too thick or runny . I always use gloves and my tint brush to really comb the dye in . It went on a light grey , but turned a bit darker as it sat in my hair . I probably needed an extra pouch but I was able to use diluted pastel lilac to cover up blonde streaks in the back .  I left the dye on for about four hours and rinsed out in the shower. After my hair dryed I noticed how soft and light my hair was, like it felt like a deep conditioning treatment.Plus I could still see faint bits of the aqua and pink in my hair too , which didn’t bother me too much .The aqua parts came a bit of a darker grey  so I have a slight ombre look .

Car selfie but the lighting is better than my house

I’m pretty happy with the results , its not quite as dark as the One N Only chrome that I normally use for grey . But its a still a very nice neutral grey with no blue or purple hues . I would recommend using two pouches and only dying on very light level 10 or lighter hair . Any darker and I don’t belive it will show up . I’ll probably post an update on how this fades out and how long the grey lasts .

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