Urban decay 24/7 glide on eyeliner in Rockstar review

*This product was gifted to me by influenster and Urban Decay Cosmetics in exchange for my honest review.

81272E6F-07AE-4C3E-87D2-24BA5F74CE9EHey everyone ! It’s Voxbox time ! This time I was sent a 24/7 glide on eye pencil from Urban Decay. It’s been a while since I’ve used Urban Decay’s last eyeliners, the last ones being Perversion ( the famous black liner ) and Voodoo a really cool purple liner witha pinkish pearl sheen. I used those both up long ago , before I started blogging. And for whatever reason i just haven’t really picked up any other pencils from them. i think I’m still salty at them revamping the Vice colors and getting rid of the really bold and fun colors. So what shade did they send me ?


98317C4F-95F1-4619-84DF-41521F7849A6Okay cool a purple right? Urban Decay used to do so well with purples .

F37DBCFC-9F2B-4F80-A2CC-49A53C91791Dor Maybe it’s more a plummy brown ? I did check online and Sephora and Urban Decay describe it as Eggplant.

So let’s swatch it.

41D807F5-8D1C-4436-A807-BE4A7B88F57AIt took quite a bit of swatching and different lighting but I finally got it to look a bit purpley . It does have some pearl and a bit or a shimmer but it’s very subtle. In other ligthing it could pass as more an ash color.


15B7091E-F5DC-4B61-86E5-16610FFDFB92Here’s the other lighting , I decied to swatch some similar Urban decay shades , or at least I thought at first, Lioness on the bottom is a bit more bronzy plum than Rockstar, The shade from Stoned Vibes palette had a similar sheen in pan but swatches a bit different. I’ll be honest I wasn’t too crazy about this color, I find it a bit boring . But I understand that others may really like it and this might be a great plummy purple for some.

Now for the eyes :

27318B69-73B5-4EF9-8EDC-D4CF6D720BA6I tried to take different angles and paired it witha  very pale pinky peach shade . Also the texture was good and I was able to do a simple graphic eye look. The pearls in this liner are very subtle and really don’t reflect , you can kind of see them on the corner of my wing.

7DB234E2-83CB-4911-8431-3CAF6F6CE99C I do think it looks a bit more plum here, I also used a brush to smudge the liner on my lower lashes. I did write a review on this product on sephora I gave it about 4 stars as it does glide on easy and you can smudge it and make some nice lines . But I took off one star due the color being a bit dull looking as it sets on the eyes. the pearl sheen really does kind of fade and you’re left with a more brown plum shade.

D2B6FB5A-C628-4387-A51F-81BF9AFB2877For full face pictures , It doesn’t really read plum or eggplant. I think it needs more of a shine as it looks more like a basic neutral eyeliner. But that may be what you want is a more conservative purple eyeliner. So if thats what you’re looking , this probably works. Overall I liked the formula and would interested in trying some of their brighter shades, but this color wasn’t my favorite. Let me know what you think about the color and if you like any of the other new Urban Decay liners. Have a great week!

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