lime crime venus liner in dew drop review

*This post contains a product that was gifted to me in exchange for my honest review. 

1D675060-3210-4CFC-A493-2EC9488D90BDAnd I knew I forgot something from the Lime Crime PR surprise box. Dew Drop is by far one of my favorite shades. Its a very pale periwinkle and looks so pretty when used with darker shades. 


FB9768D3-CD91-4E8B-8F2C-EFFD47F76847There’s even a Venus on the cap too! Now I will say that this does dry pretty fast on the eyes which is great if you like your liquid liner to set without running, but it can crack a bit. I usually just go over it again to make it less noticable but it’s definitly something to consider when trying this out. 

4E452B9A-2E32-41E1-A731-4D0F946A7614 This is such a pretty color and I was super happy that it shows up. I’ve worn it by itself on my eyes once. I sadly don’t have the pictures but I do have some different looks here.

FDF7C6A0-9478-426A-954D-668438A2F80F My Elden ring look from the Age of stars Inspired Eye look . Here I was playing around with pastels and shimmer finishes . 

6B7466C2-D910-457E-9626-0564CF5D50C5 A more colorful look with baby’s breath the white liner. Here you can sadly see some of the cracks , but from further away it wasn’t as noticable.  I really liked how well the light periwinkle contrasts with the darker purples and blues.

And finally my newest look ! This time I used the Juvia’s Place Garden of Juvia’s palette . That full review is coming soon ! 

7E86C2B3-7F62-4750-8BF2-FFAAA551F3CCThis look was pretty simple but I wanted some contrast to the purple shimmers. I decided to do a floating liner with the black liner. I also added dew drop on my lower inner corner .

2F6FA3A9-F700-4689-8BA6-3575A11C955C Overall this is a really nice shade but it does have it’s problems of cracking. I do want to try some other shades too as these types of liquid liners are great for graphic liner looks . Let me know in the comments if you have tried these Venus Liners or any other colored liquid liners. How about the Juvia’s Place liners? I still need to pick those up as well. Have a great week everyone !


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3 thoughts on “lime crime venus liner in dew drop review

    1. I haven’t noticed any thickness when going back over . And thanks ! I should have the rest of the Garden of Juvia’s palette up soon ! I’m still playing with color combinations.


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