Age of stars Inspired Eye look


Hey everyone ! It’s been a while, I’ve been trying my best to get the Age of Stars ending on Elden Ring, and also trying to fight numerous bosses and quest lines. I did decide to take a break from Elden Ring and do a makeup look . While I did not intend this look to be Elden Ring based , I thought the Age of Stars was appropriate with my color scheme and star stickers.

Also in case you’re wondering the Age of the Stars is done by going through Ranni the Witch’s questline and I do believe marrying her to bring about the Age of Stars. I’m still working on the questline, but I have seen a few spoilers.

3A0C765D-F00B-41AB-9563-A61272D4779C Maybe for Halloween I can try a full Ranni the Witch look, but I will need a lot of blue and white powder.  So for now I’ll just play around with stickers and some liquid liners . Also note the liquid liner and extra stickers were a gift from Lime Crime. I will do post about all the Lime Crime goodies that came in the box in another post soon !

  • Nyx glitter glue on my lids
  • Nyx marshmallow primer 
  • Urban Decay Stoned Vibes shimmer shades Raw Energy and Opal Aura on my lids.
  • Lime Crime Dew Drop liquid liner 
  • Revlon black liner in my waterline
  • Urban Decay Electric palette Gonzo ( neon blue matte shade used on lower liner)
  • Sugarpill Pink capsule palette , Babydoll (matte periwinkle used on my brow bone, and underneath my eyes) and Supernova (periwinkle shimmer on upper brow bone).
  • Juvia’s Place The Violets palette ( I used the matte lilac and blended that into Baby Doll. Its blended closer to my crease.
  • Milk Kush Mascara on the lashes
  • Fenty Freestyle cream blush in Drama Cla$$ ( I tried to blend this purple blush into the periwinkle and lilac shades on my eyes. I actually didn’t buff this out with my blender like I usually do.
  • Fenty Highlighter stick in Unicorn on my cheek bones
  • Revlon concealer in 01 and 15
  • Beautyblender bounce skin tint
  • Urban Decay UV-B lipstick ( I really wish they would bring this shade back )
  • Lime Crime Holographic Face & Eye Stickers

So I did my best to kind of blend the blush with the color on my lower eyes. I really don’t do color this low on my eyes usually, but I thought it might be fun . Also some of the stickers, like the diamond is kind of hard to see due to lighting, and how I tilted my head.  I also tried to add as many products as I could , since I really want to pan certain colors. UD Electric is still kicking ,  and I might actually pan the Sugarpill Pink capsule first.

FDF7C6A0-9478-426A-954D-668438A2F80FIt’s kind of a darker picture here but you can see the little diamond on top.

9FD05B5F-17BB-4F68-9B09-682071A5544C I think the pale colors would’ve looked brighter if I had used my white shadow base first , but I wanted a more subtle look . Or so I thought lol .
6CD0DE14-2B39-4DDF-B9AC-83E972240E2A The stickers are great because the reflect depending on how you turn or your lights. 


I think next time I’ll try some darker purples or charcoals .

CDF25124-E2D7-4115-8C4B-39704E2B420A Well have a good week everyone ! I will be posting more reviews soon. And even an Elden Review , since I’m close to beating it.  Let me know what you’ve all been up to in the comment’s section ✨🦄.


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