Genshin posting !The return of Klee and Summertime Odyssey event !

Genshin Impact 7_21_2022 9_30_57 PM (2)I know I haven’t finished Elden Ring yet, I kind of got stuck in some dungeon and just stopped playing. I will eventually pick that back up and post some screen shots. But I kind of wanted to start a Genshin series of posts. I play this game off and on as it updates quite a bit and rotates the characters I can win each month. This month is the return of the Golden Apple  Archipelago. When I started playing last year, I got to experiance the Golden Apple islands and had a blast with all the puzzles and the cute little story revolving around my favorite character Klee!

This year’s Golden Apple story centers around eccentric, Fischl and trying to save her kingdom , maybe ? I’m not really sure as the character is quite eccentric and bases her speech and looks on an in game fairy tale princess book. But she does have a talking phantasmal raven .

Genshin Impact 7_19_2022 5_55_44 PM (2)

Genshin Impact 7_19_2022 10_14_46 PM (2)

But hey I love Oz , he’s such a cool  guy . Plus if you collect enough phantasmal conches you’ll receieve a new outfit for Fischl.

Genshin Impact 7_21_2022 10_04_04 PM (2)It’s pretty fancy . So’m working on searching for as many of those conches as I can to get her new outfit. Last year Barbara and Jean had new summer clothes but this year it’s Fischl and Diluc . I’ll probably pass on his as it’s pretty pricey.

The other characters to join are Astrologer Mona, Waundering Samurai Kazuha, punk rocker Xinyan , and of course the travel and Paimon.

Genshin Impact 7_19_2022 10_12_18 PM (2)Also their fantastic boat talks now ! ooops that’s spoiler!

Genshin Impact 7_19_2022 10_10_12 PM (2)

Over all the new story is really nice , goofy in a few spots but really fun to play through plus it’s nice to see all these characters interact. I was presently surprised with the possible pairing of Rocker girl Xinyan and soft spoken samurai Kazuha.

Genshin Impact 7_19_2022 6_05_55 PM (2) They mixed up the gameplay abit from last year, yes you can go to the islands , but the theres also the main story that has little animated story moments and domains depending on the character it focuses on. The first story , the island changes to be a bit more like Kazuha’s home of Inazuma, and you have to navigate through his memories and solve puzzles. The storyline is great for fleshing out the backstory of Kazuha and how he had to flee his homeland.

I’m starting Xinyan’s next, so I don’t have a lot to share about it yet. But I will post some extra sceenshots.

Genshin Impact 7_19_2022 6_18_39 PM (2)It’s a giant Dodoco !

Genshin Impact 7_19_2022 6_21_28 PM (2)

Genshin Impact 7_19_2022 10_25_03 PM (2)

Oh and before I forget ! Kazuha and Klee return ! Each have thier own banner with three 4 star characters , Ningguang , Thoma and new monk character , Heizou .

Genshin Impact 7_21_2022 9_46_29 PM (2)

Genshin Impact 7_21_2022 9_47_50 PM (2)I was super lucky to get Klee a second time ! So now she’s bit more powerful ! I’m not sure if I will wish on her banner again or wait for new future characters . I still have 11 days to decide and make primogems. Well have a great week everyone . Let me know if you’ve ever played Genshin too.


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