Lime crime pr surPrise !

*This post contains items that were gifted PR , and also affiliate links. These are all my honest opinions.

B8DFA842-2FC9-4769-A980-5F342E7F4657 So last week I had a big surprise that I was not expecting.  Lime Crime sent an unmarked box, and inside were some pretty cool stuff. I was super surprised as this was not through Influenster, but may have been connected to the time that they sent me some of the Holographic sticker liners to test out and review last month.  Inside the fanny pack they tucked in liquid Venus liners in a nice periwinkle shade , a white shade ( which I’ve been wanting for a while, a greenish eyebrow pen , a mirror, and some more holographic face and eye stickers! 









So I was super hyped up . I would love to thank Lime Crime for gifting me these items , and I will work on doing a product by product review. I will say that I already have used the bushy brow pomade pen as I was super excited . It doesn’t cover all my black hairs and mainly does a tint, but I’ll be playing around with it in the future and for the review.  I was super excited and happy with the white and blue liners too ! 

8DF812D2-170C-4F50-97C7-72BF7064921102648749-4158-4F5B-B499-B00DB23F5F3AHave a happy Monday everyone✨🦄!

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