eos blackberry hibiscus super soft shea lip balm review

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6365540D-1CA9-4610-BEB8-DB6E10DDDBCFAfter finishing the mid marshmallow , I decied to try one of the EOS flavorlab ice cream flavors. This one is from the same line as the rainbow sherbet balm. I really liked the rainbow sherbet balm, it was one of my favorites . This one is actually amazing too !

EBC45E69-06AD-4646-9B76-AD97BBBD8C93Here’s the back so you can see the ingredients . 

I think the best way to descibe the scent and flavor is it’s very much like drinking a blackberry lemonade . It’s so refreashing and the balm is super smooth and soaks into your lips. I don’t really notice the hibiscus or the acai berry though. But I think that’s due to the lemonade and blackberry being the main focus. It’s still really nice for summer. Overall even though it’s a really short review , this balm is awesome ! It tastes like blackerry lemonade and is great for fans of fruit flavors. This one definitely rates up on my top EOS flavors so far. Well let me know in the comment’s if you tried this flavor or a fan of flavored lemonades. I love blackberry and watermelon lemonade mixes ! Have a great week everyone!

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3 thoughts on “eos blackberry hibiscus super soft shea lip balm review

  1. There used to be a lot of eos products at Shoppers but it’s become scarce. I used to have some shimmery balm by them and three ones I could decorate with stickers. Some balms they have like the striped ones were a lot more moisturizing and I don’t think they carry them anymore.

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