Juvia’s place Garden of juvia’s palette sneak peek !

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94CAD443-DA1B-4B9C-B4A9-0A4FB01DB734Suprise post ! I finally got the Garden of Juvia’s palette in the mail ! I was so excited and wanted to do a sneak peek post to show off some of the colors and how they look on the eyes .

93F21F51-C139-494E-9E4B-69B353052707I plan on doing a full review with more swatches and when I’m able to test out every shade in the palette. I think it’s kind of interesting they decided to do pastel almost spring like color story in summer. My fiance even said it reminded him of Easter colors. which you know I love Easter and spring time pastels. And I know pastels can be controversial on olive skin tones, but I don’t care and love them anyway. Also I encourage everytime to try pastels !

Now I do have some full swatches but I wanted to save them for my bigger review , but I wanted to share with you all the duochromes in the palette . The yellows and greens are a bit shifty but not to the extent of the shades , Money Tree, Best Buds, Blooming, Blossom, Purple Orchid, and Flower Child.

14E19D79-DDB7-4C8C-B05C-C89E10EF194E Here’s Best Buds and Money Tree. Money Tree has a pinkish purple shift to it that’s hard to capture in picture.  So these super upclose pictures were the best I could do.

Now for the two pink shades :

8152C34C-3569-4788-9B38-EBDF79F53988Blooming is lilac with a pink shift and Blossom is a nice firey pink with a gold shift. very similar to my favorite TF shade Umbrella Drinks from the Too Faced Papaya Pop palette.  Also the matte shades are very soft yet still pretty pigmented.

And here’s the purple duochromes:

0FC8DD0B-6044-4A8E-BA4C-BAA9D3690ECBPurple orchid is a cool slivery lavender with a sparkly shift and Flower child has more of a pink shift.

So these shades really impressed me , but they do get shimmer everywhere ! I had to keep washing my arms . It’s comparable to Urban Decay Stoned Vibes but turned up to eleven.

And for my eye look, I wanted to do some gradient with the shimmer shades .

Princess_celestiaSo similar to Princess Celestia hair . Except add some yellow duchrome.

For this look I’ll show pics with the flash on and off as the colors do look a bit different. I used Nyx jumbo Milk pencil as my base to get the colors to really show up ! For this look I used Oh Honey and Gardenia in my brow bone. Oh Honey is higher up near my brow, and Sweet Lilac in my V. I tried to use this shade as my foundation there and blended Flower Child ,Blossom and then Blooming. For the middle I used Money Tree and Daffodil in my inner corner. On the bottom part of my eyes I used Sunshine, and Flower Petals.

I feel like the Flower Petals and daffodil look kind of similar even though one is a green and the other a yellow. But this could be because they also kind of shift too. I do feel like Blossom has a more noticable shift . It’s such a cool color.

20DDD994-C5C2-426D-989C-04DBEAFAC74CAnd here’s a full face picture ! I was super happy with the colors , It’s a bit of a spacey look and wanted to use a darker lip to show contrast.

AAA07C0F-78A7-46B8-96D3-46AF6501F69BI’ll be playing around with different color combinations and hopefully show off the full review soon. 

13F38A77-C9B1-475F-AB48-5B7F155DD977Let me know in the comment’s section on what you think of the new Garden of Juvia’s ? Do you plan on picking it? Have a great week everyone ! 

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