Eos toasted marshmallow lip balm review

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0E695AEE-3C52-492A-B9D0-C289C6A4CBBFHey everyone ! hope you all had a good weekend. I finally was able to try the marshmallow eos lip balm ! I was pretty excited as this was kind of surprise from my fiancé, as he found it online. I do love marshmallow flavors and scents , so this one was definitely high on my to try out list. 

477CADEC-F6B0-4C9A-936F-A044BB94DD1BSo the back says the flavor is meant to taste like melted marshamallows over a campfire. It’s not quite a toasty marshmallow, but it definitely has hints of a smokey vanilla with a buttery scent underneath. It reminds me more of the Creme Brule flavor from Christmas to be honest. But not quite a toasty marshmallow. I think it’s the buttery notes that take away from the marshmallow scent. While I like it , it’s not really the marshmallow lip balm I wanted. But on the otherhand it does keep my lips soft and feel’s quite smooth. Very similar to others in the super soft shea lip line.  I just wanted it to be more marshmallowy and less buttery. Oh well maybe next time. Hopefully they come out with a s’more’s flavor as marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate sounds like a great summer lip balm.  Also why did starbucks discontinue the s’mores frappe? I used to make a custom drink with the marshmallow fluff , chocolate drizzle and matcha that was amazing ✨. Well let me know what some of your favorite coffee drink or balm flavors are , or combinations lol .Have a happy Monday everyone 🦄.

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