Tropicana Crunch cereal Review

*This cereal was gifted to me through a limited run by Tropicana Orange Juice , this review is my honest opinion about the cereal .

I’ve meant to have this review up last month but I had so many drafts to finish. But I still wanted to review this as it was a pretty fun novelty cereal .And it was a super limited run. I had the good luck to hear about the Tropicana Crunch giveaway from the The Mary Sue website , which was like in April. The cereal didn’t ship till way later. I signed up when early in the morning when the giveaway was happening and my fiance managed to snag his own box too before all the boxes were taken.  So what’s so special about Tropicana Crunch? It’s a cereal that can be eaten with orange juice ! It’s a bit wierd but I have heard stories of people eating cereal with orange juice. So I was super excited when the boxes finally came .

8297F626-CC36-4EAE-BF3C-0F02914BD80DHere’s the sealed box!

CD84AA93-73C5-4DFA-B2CE-5C29CC812B19Inside each box is a free orange juice voucher .

B83C3D0E-BF7A-4543-90A1-47B02176DCAAThere’s also a sipping straw for the juice after you eat all your cereal. I have yet to use it .

82A0E77E-13AB-4764-A8C4-6E5C70198ADEThe back of the box has some activities . Looks like maze but instead of a Minotaur in the center it’s a bowl of Tropicana Crunch!


Here’s the Nutrition facts for those with allergies . The cereal is more like a gronala . It’s not bad tbh.

1230269A-9E7F-4E47-B390-F8D2057CC766I did use the voucher for some Tropicana Orange Juice. It was kind of bitter and I actually forgot to use it for my cereal. My fiance and drank the whole thing. Orange juice doesn’t really last that long in our household.

But I did manage to pick up some of my favorite Minute Maid orange juice. It’s a bit sweeter and less bitter than the Tropicana. Of course I think which orange juice to use is more based on preferences .

Here’s my quick tiktok video. It’s a bit awkward but hey this cereal is a bit weird too!

It’s definitely different. It wasn’t bad , and the sweeter orange juice I think worked in it’s favor. I didn’t pour a huge bowl as this seems more like a once in a while thing rather than a cereal I would eat a huge bowl of. But I did enjoy the granola , and the almonds , it paired well with the sweet and tarte notes of the orange juice. I think next time I’ll bananas as that could really make this cereal more like a fruit and granola snack.  I wouldn’t mind picking this cereal up in the store . I’m not really sure if this cereal will return in the form of another giveaway or actually appear in stores. Overall I think this is a niche thing and probably not something everyone will like. I liked it , but maybe not all the time lol  Let me know if you’ve ever tried orange juice in cereal before or if you would like to try this if you saw it in a store . Have a great week everyone !


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