Urban Decay UV-B lipstick

In honor of National Lipstick Day I thought I would review and talk about one of my favorite and now discontinued lipsticks,The Urban Decay Vintage UV-B lipstick. When I bought this was the a few years ago when Urban Decay had re-realeased thier old school lip colors,and even packaged them in the old carboard boxes. I have Asphyxia too, which is a really nice lavender color with blue glitter. Sadly I need to buy another tube of Asphyxia since I pretty much hit pan with it. If only they would bring back UV-B too so I could have both colors.Now on to the review.

IMG_1255 (2).JPG
I’m getting so low 

IMG_1253 (2)

UV-B is a nice cool toned periwinkle , with some purple undertones. Its a nice cream formula that is slightly sheer but can be built up. The lipstick itself is pretty hydrating so I tend to go for it in the summer months and even on chilly days. I really liked this formula , Asphyxia was similar but with abit more glitter. This lipstick does kind of smudge when eating or drinking so I usually just bring it along with me in my purse. I did mix a few times with some more matte colors but I don’t have the color that I used to mix with it sadly. I may have honestly got this to be a dupe for Wet n Wild’s Blue Magic but its not quite as Blurple or metallic.

IMG_1872 (2).JPG
Its shimmery

IMG_1912 (2)

I thought since this my last day with silver hair to go ahead and wear this lipstick for National Lipstick day. This color looks best when my hair is either silver or blue .and I even wore some silver eyemakeup too, with Silverburn and Electric Air from the UD Element’s palette. I really do hope Urban Decay re-releases this collection again, I would’ve liked to try Plague, Frostbite and a few of the others. Maybe I’ll try out the UV-B eyeshadow since that still seems to be online.




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