Huda Mercury Retrograde palette review

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6D7A9045-AFAD-4E41-9467-9573CCA22AA1I know I got this palette back in either November or December , and I’ve played around with it and even posted a little preview of it on Instagram and tiktok. But I just kept forgetting to assemble all my pictures and looks together. So some of these are super old from almost 6 months ago.

27FCE4ED-F9FF-407D-A4A0-C3898D660A63I love the arrangement of the shades . There’s some nice pastels , spacey metallics , and soft neutral shades . It’s a beautiful palette.

Here you can see the shades a bit better here. It’s seems whatever lighting you have the metallics really shine!

And here’s the swatches!

flash and no flash pictures of the top rows > I love the wet look of the shimmers. The mattes were pretty easy to swatch and surprisingly pigmented . they felt really Silky . The blue I think looks better on the eyes more so than the swatch. Shades shown from top to bottom : Cosmic, Utopia, Ultraviolet,Nebula, Mercury, Haze,Off Balance and Galaxy.

Here’s the bottom row with flash and no flash , Frazzled is a bit softer on the eyes, even though it’s insanely glittery on my swatch and the deep purple Vortex needs a little extra blending when on the eye. Top to bottom : Libra , Crash, Momentum, Supermoon (which can be hard to pick up with the brush, so fingers are easier ), Vortex, Hot Mess, SuperNova , Karma , Gold Glitch, and Frazzled.  Overall the formula of the palette is varied textures and finishes.  Some like Vortex and Supermoon can be a little more work but they weren’t impossible to work with. Also I feel like Urban Decay’s Cyber palette was supposed to be more like Frazzled ,Gold Glitch and the peachy mattes , but from what I saw and tested of the formula in Sephora , it was a bit of a let down. So for anyone that wanted soemthing in the spirit of UD Naked Cyber , this is probably going to be a better palette for you. Also the one glitter shade , Nebula , is actually very easy to wear. I just used a glitter glue and took off the glitter at the end of the day with tape. This glitter really stayed in place and looked more like a shimmer shade.  So let’s check out the looks.


Fire Opal:

4578DE45-A59E-44F2-9820-581EEF6EDAEF3D4FAF86-2F50-4430-8A25-A9C87E68E512 This looks was one of my first. I used the shades Hot Mess ,Vortex in the V , Utopia on the brow bone, and off balance blended. Supernova was used on my lid along with Supermoon in the inner corner.

Pastel Paradise :

F93E9495-5789-4A8F-9581-E0DE41AF43DF This look I wanted to use all the pastels and for a dreamy look. I used Haze, Libra, and Cosmic in the middle. Momentum waws used in the brow bone.


Moody lilac:

C50AE93A-36CA-4D8F-B583-789D874A0541This one was one of my favorites as it was great to pair with one of my darker purple lipsticks .  I used the shades Libra , Vortex,,Off Balance and Crash blended into my brow bone. and Cosmic on my lids.


 Blue planet:

363B9233-9F75-4807-AAC1-77460145E1C6And here’s a look I used for a new liner I’m currently testing out.

I used Crash and Momentum on my brow and Haze and Mercury on my lids. It was a pretty simple look but it’s very bright. Like I did not expect the shades to be so vibrant. I did use Nyx Milk white liner as a base , so maybe thats why.

F3C70AF9-F07D-4D96-A734-AFDE894159F3Overall I’m pretty happy with this palette and I’m a little sad that I lost some of the other pictures where I used the golds and the purples . Well I’ll probably upload more pictures of looks using this palette in my eye looks series. Also this palette just recently went back on sale , so if you’re wanting a really nice dreamy palette with mattes that are easy to blend and buttery and beautiful metallics , this is a great buy.


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13 thoughts on “Huda Mercury Retrograde palette review

  1. Huda has a talent for making everything appealing. The colors in this palette aren’t the type I go for, but I wanted it for the longest time. Same with the Naughty palette and Desert Dusk. They’ve all been so hard to resist even though I know I wouldn’t get enough use out of them. You did pretty looks with Retrograde!

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      1. I really liked the Jaguar palette, though I’ve only used it a few more times after reviewing it. New makeup tends to overshadow my older palettes unfortunately.

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  2. Such a beautiful palette. And beautiful looks you created. I’ve been really getting into makeup recently. I recently ordered the mercury retrograde palette. I’m feeling excited to try out all the shades and textures
    ❤️ 😊

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