Rimmel Stay Matte liquid lip color in Blue Iris review

IMG_3050Hey everyone ! Today I would like to review a slightly disappointing product, disaapointing as it is streaky. But I would like to also show how even with a lower quality product , you can still make a look with it.

So first off this was one of those bargain buys online, and I did kind of feel bad for sleeping on Fenty’s mattemoiselle in Clap Back . Sadly they discontinued the mattemoiselle line and really haven’t brought back some of their more unusal colors . I’ll still mourn that line along with the poutsicles from a few summers ago.  But this shade did look kind of close to Clap Back, so I definietly wanted to try it.

DE0C02E8-6A8A-4E32-80BA-5AB27AA5C25FAlso excuse the pink lines , those are from dying my hair, it’s not really blood.

Much like the plum shade ( it was more of a red tbh) Rimmel Stay Matte liquid lipsTick in PLum This show review, this gloss is a bit streaky. Well actually more streaky than Plum this Show. It’s just kind of bad for a dark color. But it does kind of smell like some type of candy, or medicine . Or medicinal candy? Also I didn’t really have any flakiness or drying issues like the Coloured Rain metallic Matte Lip Paint in GalaxY. Those was really sad as no amount of lip balm or lip mask was saving my lips from the dryness. So I’ll go ahead and show off some pics.

4814E989-EA76-4454-B6DE-A1E6B0B4F3B6Kind of a blurry pic, but it actually looks better out of focus.

5C965DA7-1923-4CE1-828B-708D72CAB685Here it is with flash and all it’s streaky glory. Especially near my cupids bow . It was pretty hard to get a solid cover. Also it’s matte but has a bit of sheen which I thought was interesting.

B1E94F39-3075-46EE-9758-EFDF4C183F49I decided to pair with a more colorful eye.  I was worried that a smokey eye or neutral would make it look a little out of place with the platinum blonde. 

And I thought it looked kind of dull to be honest. It does look better from further away,but it still missing something.

A15386EB-5A3F-49F7-8066-84123AC5B4AFLet’s zazz things up a bit with Lime Crime Diamond crushers! I know the out of focus photography is wierd but it shows off the sparkle.

675213D0-C8CA-437F-833B-559B288FC097And here’s a better picture ! Diamond Crushers has always been a bit drying for me but it wasn’t too bad over the Blue Iris shade.

7D11E3C6-47DA-4FF3-8FD8-4FC30B4BFA89This may be my favorite lip combo! Well while I don’t super recommend this shade due to streakiness , it can be salvaged by layering a glitter topper over it.  Also this is the last day of being a platinum blonde. I will be trying out some new dyes . Those well be coming soon as I’m still letting the dye set on my hair .

Well have a great week everyone ! Let me know what some of your favorite lip toppers are too in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Rimmel Stay Matte liquid lip color in Blue Iris review

  1. Ah, it really can be weirdly disappointing when a favorite product is discontinued. I still think about a pineapple face wash that was discontinued by The Body Shop many years ago. Even wrote the company asking them to being it back. No luck yet though. Sigh.

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