Coloured Rain metallic Matte Lip Paint in GalaxY

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So I was pretty excited to finally try out Coloured Raine’s Liquid lipsticks . I bought two of these but I wanted to review the green one when I redye my hair . But I this metallic darkened purple looked nice with silver hair . Plus I still have a bit of the violet toner in my hair from a few days ago .


Right away I was drawn to the metallic look and shimmer . I couldn’t wait to swatch .


In this lighting it looks more silvery purple.


This isn’t the best picture but you can definitely see the shimmer and blue flecks a lot more .

Now on to to the formula itself . When I wore this on my lips , I noticed it did dry out my lips pretty harshly , even with lip scrubs , lip balm before and drinking lots of water beforehand . It does also have kind a weird smell but it does go away once the product dries down. Also it did get on my teeth somehow , So I had purple glitter teeth . it wasn’t too bad but I definitely had to remedy that . I had mixed feelings about this liquid lipstick as I wanted to love it , but the drying of my lips wasn’t the greatest . The color though is beautiful and unique .


In this lighting it almost looks like a blackened purple , the shimmer more subtle.


Even though this lighting made look a bit dead , you can see the holographic purple better . It’s almost like an oil slick , very galaxy like too . If only the formula didn’t dry out my lips so bad .


Overall I loved the color and metallic look , but wish it was a bit more like the Sugarpill, or Nyx formulas . I will probably wear this lipstick still , but obviously shorter periods though. I do hope the green shade I have isn’t as dry.


I’m not really sure if I can recommend this color due to the excessive dryness , but I would like to try more Coloured Raine lipsticks to see if its just this shade and finish that’s dry . They’re site does have some awesome colors and it would be a shame , since I’m always on the lookout for unusual lip colors . Let me know in the comment’s section if you’ve tried Coloured Raine’s other products or lip sticks and what you thought of them. Have a good Monday everyone ✨🦄.

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