More adventures In Elden Ring !

So today’s Elden Ring post I would like to show off some of the animals in The Land’s Between! My first set of pictures comes from when I first started playing. I was getting used to horseback combat, and I managed to knocked some Kaiden mercenary off his horse. And the horse just kind of chilled out and ran around for a bit.

69155D59-A71B-411A-A725-2E4A13D55816Excuse the blurry pics . I’m not sure why the quality was so bad for these.

EB1FB4B7-5E91-483F-8326-138CB58E8C3FThis picture shows off some of the Limgrave scenery as well as the wildlife , like the giant crabs (which are dangerous) and happy turtle. Plus my new horse friend is free!

925A19A9-9A11-441C-B799-EF424C30EC8BAt least we’re far away from the crab . Plus cute little sheep in the distance!

D8CD6E53-6CA7-446A-BE84-0B12871D8547And of course I mentioned the dogs ! I may have even used this image lol 

2D34221A-B35A-48E7-B4C2-D580B464CF9CAnd the Pastor of Vows Miriel .

04569F95-FF7F-4E08-B4F5-4EACAE078DE7And finally the Merchant’s chihuahua/donkey hybrid. They’re a bit scary but friendly.

Well that’s it for now . I’ll be back with more. Have a good week everyone!


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