Rimmel Stay Matte liquid lipsTick in PLum This show review

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9F3DCF9F-CFCC-48AD-8108-2E95171C4976More drugstore online finds ! This time I decided to try out Rimmel’s Stay Matte liquid lipstick. Not to be confused with Maybelline’s Legendary Stay Matte Ink ( which I need to reorder). I went for the Plum this show as the pics made it look a bit more plummy, but here irl it’s definitely more of a red berry.

59686560-822C-4F91-9556-36F7DD73E551I mean look at that swatch. Even red plum tends to have some wine or purple hues. This definitely leaned more red. Also it’s a bit streaky and hard to get a nice solid coat, which can be bad for a darker shade like this . I did like the cherry syrup smell though .


Here it is on the lips ! It was hard to get even lines though , as the lipstick kind of bled . Also I used an exfoliating lip balm to smooth out my lips as this is a bit drying on my lips .


Derpy pic time ! I knew this lipstick would probably look best with my platinum-ish blonde rather than my neon pink and lime hair, so I’ve put off re-dying for a bit . Overall it’s a bit drying and streaky , but it does stay put when it dries . And I was able to wear it for about 8 hours without flaking off . I do wish it was a bit more purple plum though. I may give this to my little sis as her hair is wine red color .

ABD21DE9-CAC5-46E7-AA21-B2F9CC9E1648Also I was just remembered I still haven’t reviewed the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s palette . I used it on my eyes for this look and was impressed with how well it performed , even after all these years . I even managed to hit pan on a few shades too !  Have a good week everyone ! 

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