A new friend and a marriage in Elden Ring

And I’m back with more Elden Ring pictures. This time I met a new friend and got married to Princess Ranni! So let’s check out my friend Raya or Zoraya.

3313899D-85B2-474E-A85E-16B7168FAA18 Here I meet Raya at the Atlus Plateau. I originally started her quest in this  Liurnia of the Lakes. I don;t have this pictures but I helped her retrieve her stolen necklace from a prawn shack. The fact that a fantasy game can have a Prawn Shack and character that sells you boiled prawn and Crabs super amuses me. Plus I find Raya really cute, she’s a bit strange but very nice. And she even wears a ton of blush. FC79A045-BBFA-45FC-8DD9-C5926F467522

On the way to Volcano Manor , or at least one way there . Otherwise Rays just teleports you to the manor .

8E02AD04-AE60-4AB5-90BB-7415C0F1BA8D  I also get to meet her Mom and few others in the Volcano Manor.

Plus spoiler alert ! Raya has a secret!

7AC0BAE2-9116-4639-985F-96AF11197B80She’s a super nice snake girl ! And you have to help her find out more about herself. This is kind of a hard quest, and you can possibly kill her. So be careful. 

08D50797-28FF-4190-BE2F-DDFF3AA48C39Here’s Raya Mom,

And her Dad 


Which you get to fight after all the quests are done.

751037BD-8792-4DCD-BD59-8E9EF888DCF9He kind of fused with a snake . Hmm strange family. 

Now after fighting Raya’s Dad and helping Raya, It’s time to get married to a Princess. Who also happens to be a witch and killed some sentient fingers.

63455871-FF7D-41F8-8CF8-2578D70D732DBut first I had to get rid of Astel. I may have shared this already. All my pics are kind of out of order.

23C1B4C7-EAB2-4DE7-9A4F-B8738454D463She’s a bit strange, with the doll body . But hey we need to get that Age of Stars Ending . Also Giant Fingers are just creepy so it’s probably good that they’re out of here. I didn’t want them at my wedding anyway.

53156630-79EC-477A-B118-449FA617270AIt’s kind of somber to be honest.

And now we’re married:

C3D2DF82-CBFC-44AA-95D7-11389E38A653 I’ll have to go fight a few more other bosses and then burn the Erd Tree for my ending. See you all soon.  



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10 thoughts on “A new friend and a marriage in Elden Ring

  1. My bf stopped playing this game about two weeks ago and once he moves onto a new game he rarely goes back to it. So it’s nice seeing your photos because I enjoyed looking at Elden Ring content but now I have to see it from sources other than him. lol.

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    1. I still need to finish the game too . I have all endgame stuff to do and a few dungeons . I do like going back to games (mainly adventure or Pokémon ) it’s just I have a massive backlog of games to play . I’ll probably post those up when I get there lol and thanks for checking out my posts , I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to read about Elden Ring on a makeup blog lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a bit weird , but all of Miyazaki’s games are a bit strange. He and his developer team like twisted weird fantasies lol . Also those giant finger things creep me out 😰 Theres this one area and all it is giant hands attacking in the mist lol .

      Liked by 1 person

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