Nyx That’s The Point A bit Edgy artistry Liner Review

D027AE19-7499-4C1C-862A-40EB9A3A2493 Yay more Nyx ! This is the A Bit Edgy Artistry Liner. It’s the smaller sister liner to other Edgy liner. I got this with the hopes I could do more graphic liner looks with smaller lines. But the tip on this can be hard to get used to.

F43CAF0B-5859-4D87-979B-AD038BB5E598It’s extremely tiny, and also hard to go over metallic and shimmer shadows. I mainly just gave up even trying, well aside from Huda satins. It didn’t have too much problem going over . I will say I had the best results going over either bare or light mattes though.C50AE93A-36CA-4D8F-B583-789D874A0541 Here’s my Huda look . I was able to make a nice wing.  Also I keep spacing out about reviewing the Mercury Retrograde palette , which is a shame as it blends so well and is so dreamy.

B4573318-896C-434D-89DE-0368F74E04FC My other eye. I feel like that wing was a bit streaky or patchy. I went over it a few times and I feel like this liner is very dry. Like the formula for the ink is very dry compared to the Nyx Epic Liner or the Super Edgy liner. I prefer those both as this one was kind of hard to work with. I do think some might like this if you just want a small liner that can go over bare lids.

6A916C81-BE5E-4F59-BE11-4780D595286F And full face pic , I was feeling like double reviewing Nyx products, with the Powder Puff Lippie from yesterday’s review.  Overall it’s not a bad liner, just not my favorite.  I will have to start up on the Mercury Retrograde review again, as the colors are amazing and soft.  Well have a good week everyone. let me know in the comments what you think of this liner and if you’ve had better luck with it ? Maybe I just got a dry product.

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