Too Faced Born this way foundation revieW in vanilla

4B62986B-F04F-4CBC-8E58-E448E81BE677*I received this product for free from Influenster and Too Faced in exchange for honest review. This post also contains affiliate links.

Hey everyone ! It’s Influenster time! Over the weekend I was surprised with a box with the Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Vanilla. I was super hoping vanilla would be my shade as I wore vanilla with Too Faced’s older foundation, years ago.  I remember liking it quite a bit, and not restocking due not liking liquid foundations on my face. Well I have experimented with more liquid foundations, concealers, powders and skin tints ( which I think I like the best). So it’s time to try out the new formula of Born This Way.


3986551E-B771-491B-95E8-88FA25F84E02 There’s coconut water, rose , and hyaluronic acid in this foundation. I did read some comment’s in my little influenster group that said since this is an oil free foundation to not use the nyx marshmallow primer. I was a bit sad since it’s my favorite primer, but my first look, had the ELF jelly pop primer as my base. I will do a second look using the marshmallow primer to see if it really doesn’t do well or if it’s a skin thing.


A099366F-30EE-4AC9-BE84-82D82D948650 At first I thought it was a bit too peachy for my skin, but it did blend in well on my face.


The bottle itself looks pretty nice, frosty with a little pump on top.

Now for on the face wear:

BB8AF922-30AC-4062-BA9B-105B6F81E1E0 Now honestly the finish here doesn’t look too bad , but I felt like in real life and low lighting , my face looked dry.  Like if I smiled , it seemed like there were lines. I didn’t know if it was the foundation or it just doesn’t like the jellypop primer very much.C6BE8B4F-6554-43E9-BDD2-E50D7992F05C The shine on my cheekbones is some concha highlighter. I felt like I really needed highlighter to wear this foundation. It’s just very drying , even with my normally oily skin.

FB1794D4-EDB6-464F-BF89-E35777A87ABF I tried to get closer pics to show some of the dry areas on my chin and mouth area. My highlighter was too good and gives off the effect that rest of my face isn’t dry. But it really is .

959CE71D-6EFC-4AFE-B9B0-00381F1A716D Well I didn’t like the wear of this first try to be honest. While it doesn’t look too bad here I feel like wearing outside the house would be a bit too dry. It also seem to amplify skin texture as well.

Now for the Nyx Marshmallow primer :

This time was a bit better, I moisturized my skin the previous night with Tatcha Dewy skin cream,  and only used Nyx Marshmallow primer , plus let it set on my face while I did my eye makeup. I had better results here.

6B9D81C6-BB3A-4278-9747-403385835D65There was still a bit of dryness and later in the day some oiliness . If anything it just seems like this foundation can be pretty fussy . I was honestly worried about putting on a setting powder as it might make the makeup even drier looking . Possibly a setting spray might be better . I don’t currently have one to test out though.

My final test will be with Tatcha The Silk Canvas primer sample . 29BF338C-4BFC-4ECB-A2D3-1454A0BA60E7And we have a dry mess that started to separate. Now in the my review with the Tatcha birthday gift I mentioned that I wasn’t quite sure if it was the primer’s fault here or the foundation’s fault. But I’m kind of leaning towards the foundation is really fussy.

Plot Twist !

I know I thought I was done with the review too! But I decided to try out this foundation on bare skin with no primer .


It actually wore better with no primer. So this will be my no primer good skin foundation. It does help to have your skin moisturized ( like maybe overnight moisturizer or a lightweight moisturizer) though as it is still a bit drying.  Overall I liked color match for my skin tone, I just wish it wasn’t so finicky and didn’t emphasize texture .I will use this and would recommend to those who have maybe oilier skin , and I do think that this foundation photographs very well.  I did get quite a bit of wear during the test with no primer. I was able to shop and do some other errands without being too shiny or having my face wipe off . 

Let me know in the comment’s what you think and if you’ve tried Born This Way before. Have a great week everyone.

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3 thoughts on “Too Faced Born this way foundation revieW in vanilla

  1. I have gone through a full bottle of this foundation in the past. I like it best in the summer when my skin is producing plenty of oil-it starts out looking a bit dry but after a few hours looks great for me and then wears really nicely. I have far too many foundations in my collection to purchase another right now, but it’s on my list of items I would repurchase someday. I am glad you were able to find a way to make it work for you.

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