sephora birthday gift 2022 Tatcha set review

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D285F67F-57B1-44B4-B7C7-D60F1A9551E1It’s time for a Sephora Birthday post ! This year they had three gifts to choose from; Laura Mercier set, Tatcha skin care set, and Amika hair care set. I was tempted by the Amika set , but I really wanted to try Tatcha skincare and it had their Dewy Skin Cream. So Tatcha won out.  

8E6FEB1B-AC62-44FE-98A6-18DA16B0074AThe pale lavender packaging is pretty nice .

B9EF1B27-D574-401F-BD1D-79D216F8A79C Here’s the ingredient’s for those interested. 

A2A03BE4-CA50-439B-9D94-CE7C6E792062And the whole cute little kit. My favorite being the Dewy Skin cream. I’ll go product by product.

The Rice Wash Soft Cream Cleanser: 

This cleanser feels really nice on the skin , is lightly scented and leaves my skin feeling soft. I find it best used on skin without makeup, ( I usually use an oil cleanser or coconut oil to remove the makeup and then follow up with this cleanser.) That or used in the morning if I want to wash my face. It’s super gentle and you only need a pea sized amount when mixed with water.  I’m not sure if I would re buy it but maybe , as it’s feels awesome on the skin.

The Dewy Skin Cream:

This was the product that caught my eye that I wanted to try. I still have my Laneige Water Sleeping Mask as my all time favorite, plus a big container of Eve Lom Moisture cream from Influenster . But this ranks like number two , or at least a tie with the Drunk Elephant peptide cream. I use this at night as a lot of moisturizers in the day can be too oily for me . And wake up with soft, plump skin . I really like this, it’s lightweight and is lightly scented, but nothing overbearing. Overall it will be hard to decide which products to rebuy once I run out. I definitely like it better than the Eve Lom, but maybe not as much as Laneige. Still a good product though.

The Liquid Silk Canvas primer

The primer is probably the thing that’s a bit inconclusive . I used it with another product that I’m testing out and had some mixed results. while I normally use BeautyBlender Skin tint , or the Bounce foundation, or just concealers with powder, I didn’t have enough of this primer to test it. I did use it with Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and had some separating issues.  I do think the primer felt nice and almost like a powder, similar to Laura Mercier silicone free primer . But it definitely did not agree with Born this Way foundation . So keep that in mind if that’s your preferred foundation. I would like to possibly try another sample with my other products , as I would be too scared to buy a full sized product.

2CA5ED62-A905-4980-8428-728F50D0C293I tried to take a close up picture but I always manage to get a Mangekyo Sharingan . But you can see the makeup separating near my upper part of my mouth. I kind of want to fault Born this Way, but I’ll leave that up for another review. 

Overall this was a really nice skincare set, I don’t regret choosing it over the other two gift sets. It feels great on the skin and really the only thing I wasn’t sure of was the primer. If anyone has tried the Silk Canvas primer before let me know in the comment’s section how it reacted with your foundation and if you liked it?

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3 thoughts on “sephora birthday gift 2022 Tatcha set review

  1. I love Tatcha! It’s just so expensive though and the dewy collection won’t do for me because of my oily skin. I occasionally treat myself to the water cream and wish more of these brands would become available at Shoppers Drug Mart because their loyalty program is way better, they recently started carrying Drunk Elephant!

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      1. Yeah DE is also really expensive and Sephora was the only place I could originally get it. But now that it’s at SDM here in Canada I can use my Optimum points to save money. The dewy skin collection is meant for dry skin so it’s definitely too thick for me.

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