lime crime venus liner in baby’s breath review

*This post contains a gifted item that was sent to me to review in exchange for my honest opinion . This post also contains affiliate codes

1D675060-3210-4CFC-A493-2EC9488D90BDAbout a month ago I was sent an awesome PR set from Lime Crime . I posted a quick look at all the cool items that came in the box . You can check that post out here Lime crime pr surPrise ! 
I was super excited to receive a white liner , as I’ve been wanting one to experiment with graphic white liners for a while . And this one is pretty pigmented , even if it’s a bit streaky and sometimes cracks . AA2B22C2-BD3B-4645-A586-5206C647B60B
I really liked the cute little Venus on the top . It’s all aesthetic. In the tube it did look like it had some proneness to dry out . Thankfully it wasn’t dried out and I have been able to use it quite a bit since I’ve had it . ED26F3C2-D000-4D9C-A9C0-E307B1F01643



Some of my baby lashes were painted white , but aside from that it was a very nice white that really contrasts well with darker matte shadows . I did have to go over a few times and you can see how it’s a bit drying . Like I wish it wasn’t so crackly . But thankfully it’s not too noticeable from afar . I wonder if that’s just a think with the lighter colors ? 


My other eye , it doesn’t look as nice as the other eye . But I wanted to show it for the review so you can see the flaws. I was going for a starry galaxy look.

And now for some black background pics .

And some other older eye looks with the white liner.


8DF812D2-170C-4F50-97C7-72BF70649211another spacey look.

Overall this liner is very fun to play with , but it does have its flaws , I do want to try out some of the other shades to see if it’s just the lighter colors or a formula issue . Still I would like to thank Lime Crime for sending me this along with the other cool stuff in box . I definitely needed a liquid white liner in my life . Well let me know what you think and what are some of your favorite liquid colored liners . 

Cow eyes !

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